The Obama bandwagon … who’s jumping off? who’s staying on?

Punch line: Many are jumping off,  in some groups — by droves. 

But, blacks and the intelligentsia remain fiercely loyal.

Unions weren’t a cross-tab category.

* * * * *

From the Washington Examiner ….

The coalition Obama led to victory in 2008 has frayed in just two years.

Start with voters who call themselves independents. Obama won 52 percent of them in 2008; now, according to Gallup, he is at 42 percent. 

Next, women. In 2008, Obama won 56 percent of female voters. Today, he’s at 49 percent.

He is also down with men, from 49 percent in 2008 to 44 percent now.

Even younger voters, a key part of Obama’s coalition, are peeling away. In ’08, Obama won 66 percent of voters 18-29 years of age. Now, he’s at 58 percent.

Then there are white voters. In ’08, Obama won 43 percent of whites. Now, he’s at 37 percent. 

He won 67 percent of Hispanic voters in 2008; now, he’s at 58 percent.

Even support among black voters, a bedrock for Obama, has ticked downward; after winning 95 percent of blacks in ’08, he’s now at 89 percent.

Just one group has stuck with Obama through it all. In ’08, he won 58 percent of people with graduate degrees. Now, he’s at 59 percent. It appears that academic types will be with Obama always.

Excerpted from the Washington Examiner, Obama’s poll numbers point to his defeat in 2012,11/26/10

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