About voter IDs …

A friend asked me, “What are the pros and cons of voter ID cards … rather than create from whole cloth … and, since I couldn’t think of any cons, I searched.

The pros are obvious: stops voter fraud … citizens only, no substitute voters, no double dipping, no dead people,

The general argument against is that IDs may be discriminatory …  keeping minorities, people with disabilities, the elderly, the poor, the homeless and many other legals from voting.


  • Folks may not have the money to pay the processing fee for an ID.
  • Even if free, logistics may be complicated …. have to know where to go and have to have a way to get there.
  • If, say, mobile ID stations are sent around to neighborhoods, the costs would be too high

Suffice it to say that I don’t find the opposing arguments very compelling.

My view: If you need a photo ID to buy booze (or a gun),to  cash a check or to unload stuff at the local dump … it strikes me as reasonable that you should need one to vote.

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