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MLB: Dumbest decision ever?

April 6, 2021

Let us count the ways…

1. Provoked by the Biden Declaration … which the WaPo fact-checkers gave:


… and allowed the Babylon Bee to headline:

MLB: ‘We Will Not Legitimize Georgia’s Racist Election Law
By Reading It To See What It Says’


2. Denounced by all Georgia politicos … bipartisanship, including Stacey Abrams — the self-proclaimed “legitimately elected” Georgia governor.


3. Induced head-scratching for the eroding MLB fan base: mostly old, white, working-class, men.



4. Spotlighted the under-representation of black players.



5. Announced during the opening week of the season … effectively stepping on all the season starting hype and excitement.


6. Set off a tweet storm by leaking Denver as the replacement site for the All-Star Game







Oh yeah, and don’t forget the MLB’s policy re: All-Star balloting that we featured yesterday:

Flashback: MLB victimized by voter fraud …… and responded by taking the vote away from fans!

Flashback: MLB victimized by voter fraud …

April 5, 2021

… and responded by taking the vote away from fans!

Want to know why MLB is so touchy about voting rights?

Well, it all goes back to the 1957 All-Star game balloting.

Controversy surrounded the 1957 game:

Cincinnati Reds’ fans stuffed the ballot boxes and elected nearly their entire team to starting positions.

The voting shenanigans deprived baseball greats Hank Aaron and Willie Mays of honored starting spots.

Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick (and many non-Cincinnati fans) was outraged.

So, Frick overrode the fans’ votes and named Aaron and Hayes to the starting lineup and …

Frick took the bold step of  eliminating fan all-star balloting entirely.

He transferred All-Star voting rights from fans  to the players, managers and coaches starting in 1957. Source

Fans were excluded from MLB’s all-star selection process until 1970, when fans regained a “role” in the selection process.

That role was not a final say.

Over the years, MLB’s all-star voting has morphed into a Byzantine, centrally managed process.

Byzantine: a system or situation that is excessively complicated, and typically involving a great deal of administrative detail.

In a nutshell, here’s how the MLB’s annual all-star roster is selected:  Source

  • All-Star Game starters (except for starting pitchers and the NL’s starting designated hitter) are chosen via fan vote in 2 phases (think: primary and run-off elections)
  • Phase 1 is akin to a political primary election.  Voting is conducted online & via paper ballots — stacks of which are are freely distributed at games. (think: mail in ballots). The top 3 vote getters advance to the “Starters Selection”
  • Phase 2 — the Starters Selection — is akin to a run-off political election. Vote totals are reset, and fans have a 28-hour period to vote online on starters from the list of finalists at each position. (Note: No provision is made for rural, minority or poor fans who lack internet access)
  • All of the pitchers and position-player reserves are chosen through a combination of player ballot selections and choices made by the Commissioner’s Office (i.e. fans have no say re: 75% of the roster slots)
  • All teams are guaranteed at least one roster slot (think: U.S. Senate representation)
  • The Commissioner (who decided to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta) reserves the right to over-rule any selection that is not in the best interest of baseball.


So, these jabrones self-appoint as the arbiters of voting rights?

C’mon, man.

Have they looked in a mirror recently?

As the Babylon Bee asked: Will the MLB stop requiring picture IDs for beer purchases … and sell beer until the last out?

I’m betting the under …


Some places require photo IDs, some don’t … now, I have a new favorite place that does.

July 13, 2012

Annually, I report how I have to show 3 IDs – including a photo ID – to gain entry to the county dump and throw a couple of bags of leaves onto the compost pile.


Last week, my family went to a down & dirty crab house for dinner.  They wouldn’t put us on the wait-for-an-hour list unless we coughed up and ID – and let them hold it as collateral.


But, possibly the dumbest and certainly the most ironic case was reported by Townhall

Believe it or not,  the NAACP required a government issued photo identification and a second form of identification … to get into their convention to hear Eric Holder speak.

You know, the Eric Holder who – along with the NAACP — stands firmly against photo IDs when it comes to verifying a voter’s identity.

C’mon man.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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About voter IDs …

July 22, 2011

A friend asked me, “What are the pros and cons of voter ID cards … rather than create from whole cloth … and, since I couldn’t think of any cons, I searched.

The pros are obvious: stops voter fraud … citizens only, no substitute voters, no double dipping, no dead people,

The general argument against is that IDs may be discriminatory …  keeping minorities, people with disabilities, the elderly, the poor, the homeless and many other legals from voting.


  • Folks may not have the money to pay the processing fee for an ID.
  • Even if free, logistics may be complicated …. have to know where to go and have to have a way to get there.
  • If, say, mobile ID stations are sent around to neighborhoods, the costs would be too high

Suffice it to say that I don’t find the opposing arguments very compelling.

My view: If you need a photo ID to buy booze (or a gun),to  cash a check or to unload stuff at the local dump … it strikes me as reasonable that you should need one to vote.

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Stop right there, professor … proof of citizenship, please !

June 10, 2011

I was cross-haired by two relatively hot political issues last week: voter IDs and proof of legal citizenship.

I was suspected of crossing a border to illegally access government-provided services.

Yes, your mild mannered (usually) man of the classroom … stood up on suspicion of unlawful conduct.

An intimidating officer of the state demanded to see an ID and proof of citizenship.

Really !

OK, it wasn’t the U.S.- Mexico border … it was the Maryland-Virginia border.

The services that I was allegedly attempting to use illegally: use of the “Anne Arundel County landfill and recycling center” (a.k.a. the local dump).

That’s right.  In order to throw a mattress and springs into the landfill dumpster, I had to show my driver’s license and to produce proof of Anne Arundel County, Maryland residency.  Fortunately, I may be the only person in Maryland driving around with paid real estate tax bills in my glove compartment.

Think about it.

Maryland is a state that – for example – reportedly looks the other way when it comes to admitting illegal immigrants into public schools and allows them to pay in-state tuitions at colleges.  No harm, no foul.

But, the line gets drawn in the sand at the local dump.

I didn’t really mind showing my ID docs, but the situation certainly did make me scratch my head …

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