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Update: Was the MLB’s decision dumb?

April 19, 2021

As the late great sportscaster Harry Carey would say:


Let’s connect a few dots today…

MLB’s political demographics split pretty evenly among Democrats, Republicans and folks who are independent (or politically disinterested).

Source: XM Institute

About the 1/3 of the fan base is Republican…

Morning Consult pollsters report that MLB’s net favorability among Republicans has plummeted after the decision to move the All-Star game from Atlanta.

MLB’s net favorability among Republicans dropped by a whopping 36 percentage points … from from 48% to 12%.

The direction of the drop is predictable … the magnitude of the drop is HUGE … dropping MLB’s net favorability below football and hockey.



Post-MLB All-Star decision, Dems’ net MLB favorability is 41% …. that compares to the 26% for independents and, as cited above, 12% for Republicans:


Morning Consult didn’t publish the specific historical numbers numbers for Democrats, but hinted that it was essentially unchanged.

Assuming that the pre-post numbers are unchanged for the independents, then…

MLB’s net favorability across its full fan base dropped by about 1/3 …. from 38% before the All-Star decision to 26% after.

And, there’s a likelihood that MLB’s fan base will re-mix … more woke millennials rushing the turnstiles to virtue-signal for a couple of hours at high-priced, slow-paced games … fewer old, loyal white guys who (used to) savor the game’s history and seek a momentary escape from political craziness.

I’m betting against woke millennials saving baseball.

Based on my small sampling, they may have a betting and fantasy league interest in MLB, but that only requires post-game stats and highlight reels.

Don’t count on wokesters buoy attendance or surge TV ratings.


Boycott baseball (and Coke)?

April 8, 2021

WSJ: It’s a necessary “intervention”.

Had to know that this one was coming.

A WSJ op-ed, says ”Yes, Boycott baseball”:

Though he’s been absent from this column for weeks, it’s time to put Donald Trump back in play.

He’s right: Boycott baseball — and the rest of the progressives’ new corporate cancel-culture all-star team, including Patagonia, H&M, Uber, Tripadvisor, Levi’s, Blue Apron, Nordstrom and SoFi.

Why boycott them?

Because their CEOs are treating their customers like compliant saps.

Most of commercial life today revolves around one idea—promoting a company’s “brand.”

The left sees that they can generate 500 hostile social-media posts against a corporate brand over some made-up woke offense.

No dopes, CEOs who have bet their careers on millions in marketing costs, fear that their brands are  about to be destroyed by groupthink millennials who all at once will stop drinking Coke or refuse to stream baseball on MLB.TV.

Corporate cowardice is worse than ever.

I suspect the left’s professional activists are as taken aback as anyone at how the middle-aged liberals running big companies and cultural institutions swooned for wokeness. Why so easy?

The logical conclusion:

It’s time for  conservatives to organize commercial boycotts …

… to keep pandering CEOs from cavalierly dismissing half of their brand base …

…  and to save once-rational liberals from destroying themselves and pulling the rest of us down in the woke vortex.


My take:

Baseball has been losing fans by the droves for a decade or more.

From a marketing perspective, politics aside,  I don’t understand why MLB was so quick to give an eye-poke to its mostly white, mostly male, mostly working-class fan base.

I guess that MLB thinks that woke millennials will stem the attendance and TV-viewing slide and flock to America’s slow-paced pastime.

Recent research has indicated the obvious: highlight reels are “in” and couch-watching long, commercial-heavy games is “out”.

So, I’m betting the under on woke millennials saving baseball.

And, I’m betting the over on pissed off fans ditching the high-priced seats and and ungluing from their TV sets.

We’ll see…

MLB: Dumbest decision ever?

April 6, 2021

Let us count the ways…

1. Provoked by the Biden Declaration … which the WaPo fact-checkers gave:


… and allowed the Babylon Bee to headline:

MLB: ‘We Will Not Legitimize Georgia’s Racist Election Law
By Reading It To See What It Says’


2. Denounced by all Georgia politicos … bipartisanship, including Stacey Abrams — the self-proclaimed “legitimately elected” Georgia governor.


3. Induced head-scratching for the eroding MLB fan base: mostly old, white, working-class, men.



4. Spotlighted the under-representation of black players.



5. Announced during the opening week of the season … effectively stepping on all the season starting hype and excitement.


6. Set off a tweet storm by leaking Denver as the replacement site for the All-Star Game







Oh yeah, and don’t forget the MLB’s policy re: All-Star balloting that we featured yesterday:

Flashback: MLB victimized by voter fraud …… and responded by taking the vote away from fans!

Great moments in Global Warming …

May 8, 2018

MLB reports record number of April postponements due to snow and brutal cold.


I know, weather isn’t climate … unless it’s a hot spell … in which case, it’s evidence of climatic global warming.

(see When is weather “climate”… and when is it just “weather”

So, I haven’t referenced articles like “Canada experiences coldest, extended winter”.

And, I haven’t whined about how my boat mechanic hasn’t been able to de-winterize my boat yet.




But, I can’t ignore the way COLD weather has shambled the start of the 2018 baseball season.


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