Update: Was the MLB’s decision dumb?

As the late great sportscaster Harry Carey would say:


Let’s connect a few dots today…

MLB’s political demographics split pretty evenly among Democrats, Republicans and folks who are independent (or politically disinterested).

Source: XM Institute

About the 1/3 of the fan base is Republican…

Morning Consult pollsters report that MLB’s net favorability among Republicans has plummeted after the decision to move the All-Star game from Atlanta.

MLB’s net favorability among Republicans dropped by a whopping 36 percentage points … from from 48% to 12%.

The direction of the drop is predictable … the magnitude of the drop is HUGE … dropping MLB’s net favorability below football and hockey.



Post-MLB All-Star decision, Dems’ net MLB favorability is 41% …. that compares to the 26% for independents and, as cited above, 12% for Republicans:


Morning Consult didn’t publish the specific historical numbers numbers for Democrats, but hinted that it was essentially unchanged.

Assuming that the pre-post numbers are unchanged for the independents, then…

MLB’s net favorability across its full fan base dropped by about 1/3 …. from 38% before the All-Star decision to 26% after.

And, there’s a likelihood that MLB’s fan base will re-mix … more woke millennials rushing the turnstiles to virtue-signal for a couple of hours at high-priced, slow-paced games … fewer old, loyal white guys who (used to) savor the game’s history and seek a momentary escape from political craziness.

I’m betting against woke millennials saving baseball.

Based on my small sampling, they may have a betting and fantasy league interest in MLB, but that only requires post-game stats and highlight reels.

Don’t count on wokesters buoy attendance or surge TV ratings.


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