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Update: If the earth is warming, why isn’t Baltimore?

September 6, 2022

I hate to impair a popular narrative with actual data, but…

Like much of the U.S., the Baltimore area (where I live) was enduring an apparent heatwave this summer.

It was hot enough that, even I, momentarily thought: “Maybe the earth really is warming.”

Then, I got my monthly electricity bill from BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric).

Besides usage info, BGE reports the average monthly temperature, for the current and prior years (the red boxes)


As Gomer Pyle would say, “surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE”.

The average August temperature this year (including the apparent heat wave) was 76 degrees … down 3 degrees from last year’s 79 degrees.

A fluke?

Note: According to BGE, my HVAC-driven usage was down 25% from last year.

Since we’ve kept our thermostat settings the same year-to-year, that’s consistent with a colder average temperature.


To dig deeper, I pulled some more historical data from my BGE file…

Below are the average monthly temperatures in Baltimore (as reported by BGE) for January to August in years 2020, 2021 and 2022



What does the data show?

  • Again, this year (Aug. 2022) was 3 degrees colder than Aug, 2021 and Aug. 2020
  • More broadly, comparing year-to-year temperature by month, all 2022 monthly temperatures were equal to or colder than  2020 temperatures
  • Compared to 2021,  only one month —  February 2022 — was hotter than the 2021 temperature (40 degrees to 36 degrees) … all other months in 2022 were colder than their comparable months in 2021.
  • The 2022 8-month average (January to August) was 2 degrees colder in July 2022 than it was in July 2021 …. and 3 degrees colder than it was in July 2020



My take

  • It’s conceivable that BGE’s data collection is wrong … or that Baltimore is a complete outlier that’s not representative of the rest of the earth …. but, I doubt either is true.
  • The data probably doesn’t indicate that the earth is cooling … but, it sure as heck doesn’t support a global warming narrative.

Somebody’s gotta explain to me:

  • if the data shows that my average   local temperatures have dropped almost  3 degrees from 2 years ago — why should I believe (with “settled science certainty”) that the earth will be a degree or two hotter 50 or a hundred years from now if I keep driving my SUV.

This circle doesn’t square…

WaPo: $369 billion won’t do much to control the climate.

August 9, 2022

… or curb inflation, for that matter.

The Dems massive Inflation Reduction & Climate Control Bill is getting backlash … even from the left!

Let’s start with the Inflation Reduction malarkey.

More than 200 economists wrote a letter to Senator Schumer detailing how this bill will not reduce inflation, nor reduce the deficit.” Source

“Several nonpartisan experts believe it’ll have no noticeable downward pressure on prices — including the Congressional Budget Office (“negligible at best”), the Bipartisan Policy Center (“small impacts one way or the other”), and the Penn Wharton Budget Model (“statistically indistinguishable from zero”).” Source

And, my favorite:


Even Mark Zandi — Moody’s Analytics chief economist and Biden’s go-to flack — says that the bill will have near-zero impact on inflation.

Why? Corporations will pass through tax increases to consumers, oil prices will stay high (or increase) and drug price controls won’t kick in until “mid decade””.


And, about climate control…

Specifically, the electric car incentives that are headlined to shave $7,500 off a high-priced EV.

In WaPo’s own words:

“An entire supply chain of rare minerals, semiconductors, batteries and financing has to fall into place before Americans give up their combustion engines.”

Here’s the big rub…

“American consumers can only claim the full $7,500 credit for an all-electric engine if their manufacturers displace Chinese batteries by 2024 and minerals from China or other countries lacking free-trade agreements — a threshold that automakers are warning could be impossible to meet.” Source

For the record:

60–80 % of EV batteries’ mineral ingredients are controlled by China which currently produces 76 % of the world’s lithium-ion batteries, while the U.S. produces only 8 %.

Despite ambitious plans to scale up, the U.S. and Europe together will likely account for only about a quarter of total global production of EV component minerals by 2030. Source

English translation: Expect to pay full price if you want to impress your friends with a climate-cooling EV.


So, I guess we’ll have to count on windmills circling Nantucket and dotting the Jersey coastline.

When that happens, I’ll start taking the climate-controllers seriously…

Biden promises “an incredible transition” from fossil fuels…

May 25, 2022

Translation: Suck it up and pay at the pumps.

Let’s go to the verbatim:

When it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.

Here’s the video:


Gotta love it when Biden goes off the teleprompter and blurts the truth.

> What most people surmised: not only does he not care about the spike in energy costs, his handlers have convinced him that it’s a good thing since it’ll force people to buy $60k EVs, ride “safe” subways, and lace-up their walking shoes.

> The cost is certain and immediate — especially to lower and middle-class Americans — and the hypothetical benefits are disputable and, at best, decades off.

See 16 Reasons why I’m lukewarm on climate change … and Greater threat to the planet: Putin or climate change?

> But, it’s worth the certain pain since “we’ll be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.”

> Biden’s caveat: “GOD WILLING”


That makes me feel a lot better, Joe.

WSJ: The global elite has an unhealthy obsession with climate change.

April 18, 2022

And, the “fixation” has consequences.

For a long time, I’ve been lukewarm on the climate control hysteria … and recently, I’ve argued that Putin’s nukes pose a more likely (and timely) existential risk than climate change

See: 16 Reasons why I’m lukewarm on climate change and Greater threat to the planet: Putin or climate change?

On cue, the WSJ published a great minds, same track opinion piece:


Russia’s invasion should be a wake-up call that war is still a serious danger that requires democratic nations’ attention.

Nuclear weapons — not climate change — are posing the biggest risk of literal mutually assured destruction in half a century.

More broadly they opine:

There are many serious threats in the world today.

But most won’t get the attention they deserve until the political classes drop their hyperbole about climate change

It should be treated like what it actually is — only one of the many problems to be solved in the 21st century.

in the world’s poorest countries, the international community’s focus on putting up solar panels coexists with a woeful underinvestment in solutions to massive existing problems.

Beyond the nuclear geopolitical threats are infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria that kill millions; malnutrition that afflicts almost a billion people; and more than three billion lack access to any form of reliable energy.

Couldn’t have said it better…

Woody Allen: “Mankind is at a crossroads”

March 7, 2022

Woody’s 1979 “Speech to Graduates” seems eerily on-point today.


I’m not a big Woody Allen fan, but one of his long ago quotes has always stuck in my memory.

The Ukraine crisis brought Woody’s words front-of-mind:

More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads.

One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness.

The other, to total extinction.

Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

Unconsciously applying Woody’s admonition, the WSJ puts it this way:

Europe is learning a hard “Ukraine changes everything” lesson.

In the U.S. we’re shocked at the images from Ukraine.

Whether we’re willing to change our own complacent status quo in the face of manifestly real external and internal threats to our security is less clear.

At least now we have a baseline for discussion:

Do nothing, and disorder descends.

For a deeper cut,, see my prior post…

Greater threat to the planet: Putin or climate change?

… that argues Putin is a clear, present, nuclear threat …  that prevails over climate change on immediacy, likelihood, severity and game-changing mitigation.

So, climate control should take a backseat to stopping a manic who is killing masses of people, destroying a country and postured to threaten nuclear blackmail as long as he’s in power.

In other words, shelve the elitist idealism and “drill, baby, drill”.


Worth reading

Woody’s entire speech …. as published in the New York Times, August 10, 1979 … is a quick read … pithy, funny and on-point

The key elements:

We are a people who lack defined goals.

We have never learned to love.

We lack leaders and coherent programs.

Unfortunately our politicians are either incompetent or corrupt. Sometimes both on the same day.

We have no spiritual center.

Religion has unfortunately let us down.

Feeling godless then, what we have done is made technology God.

We’re counting on computers and electricity to solve our problems.

Eventually, energy will be in short supply and each car owner will be allowed only enough gasoline to back up a few inches.

We are adrift alone in the cosmos wreaking monstrous violence on one another out of frustration and pain.

Violence breeds more violence.

It’s a 3-minute read … and worth the time.


Heatwaves: More historical perspective…

July 23, 2019

Good thing we’re not living in the 1930s


Yesterday, we posted the 10 hottest days recorded in my locale — Washington, DC.

The key conclusions: (1) last weekend’s 99 degree reading doesn’t come close to making the list (2) no days since 2012 made the list (3) it was pretty damn hot in the 1930s.

Here’s some more confirming evidence on that last point from WeatherFacts:

In the 1930s, there were more heatwaves and, on average, each heatwave lasted for a historically long duration.

In the 1930s, heatwaves lasted over 10 days …. nowadays, they’re less than a week.

“Yeah Ken, but heatwaves these days are way hotter than the were a hundred years ago.”

Not so, mes amies…


Before you hyperventilate over the weekend temperatures…

July 22, 2019

Put them in a historical context.


No denying it … it was really hot his weekend.

High temperatures hit 97 on Friday and 99 on Sunday Source

So predictably, I’ve been hearing that the weekend temps prove that there’s global warming.


Before jumping to that conclusion, it helps to resort to data and put the weekend heat in a historical perspective….


Before climate change, there was the “Population Bomb”.

March 14, 2019

And, there are remarkable similarities.

Recently, in one of her articulated streams of consciousness, AOC warned that we all would be toast in 12 years if global warming wasn’t arrested.

Time to metal-cube our SUVs and mass-slaughter the bovine-methane creatures, right?

Well, not so fast.

While AOC’s warning may come to fruition, I’m betting the over on the 12 years … in part, because it fits a pattern of hysterical unrealized doomsday predictions.

For example, circa. 1970, Prof. Paul Ehrlich  (Stanford University) wrote Malthusian-inspired book: The Population Bomb. The book became a runaway “scientific” best-seller.


Ehrlich warned that because of unchecked population growth:

The battle to feed all of humanity is over.

Hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death.

All of us will face mass starvation on a dying planet.

While their were some deniers, demographers agreed almost unanimously with Ehrlich’s doomsday prediction ….


#15 – Why I’m lukewarm to climate change …

December 5, 2018

Reason #15: Did Paris just pull out of the “Paris Accords”?
For the record: I’m neither a denier nor a zealot …  so, according to British writer (& phrase-coiner) Matt Ridley, I’m a “lukewarmer”.

In car-speak,  the rubber seems to be hitting the road in Paris.


In case you missed it, French President Macron tried to slap-on a gas tax to save the planet by discouraging petrol consumption, (i.e. driving).

The result: a political crisis for Macron … more than a million protesters … some rioting in the streets … approval ratings in the 20s.

Apparently, French citizens who don’t travel by Metro, Uber or private jets took the gas-tax personally since it impacts their get-to-work costs and, thus, flattens their wallets in a statistically significant way.

As Gomer Pyle would say: “Surprise, surprise, surprise”


#14 – Why I’m lukewarm to climate change …

May 11, 2018

Reason #14 – Climate change zealots are piss-poor marketers
For the record: I’m neither a denier nor a zealot …  so, according to British writer (& phrase-coiner) Matt Ridley, I’m a “lukewarmer”.
Below is a post recapping  my prior 13 Reasons Why I’m Lukewarm to Climate Change

Let’s move on …

Reason #14 – Climate change zealots are piss-poor marketers

Politicians, bureaucrats, activists, scientists and the media have warned Americans for decades that the Earth is headed toward climate catastrophe.


But, as a recent WSJ opinion piece observed:

But, surveys consistently show that less than half of U.S. adults are “deeply concerned” or “very worried” about climate issues.

If, as zealots insist, climate change is the “most urgent threat facing our entire species,” why do a large percentage of Americans not share his fear?

Climate crusaders tend to lay fault with nonbelievers’ intransigence.

But this is its own form of denial and masks the real reason: poor salesmanship.

I agree.

In fact, as early as June 2017 we were dishing advice to climate change advocates.

Our advice back in 2017:

(1) “Re-brand” the cause to “fighting pollution” — people can relate to that and it gets to the same end-point

(2)  Stop the incredible (i.e. not credible) scare tactics

(3)  Walk-the-talk … dampen the hypocrisy

(4)  Keep an open mind … sorry guys, the science isn’t really settled yet


Comparably, the WSJ opinionator builds upon these themes.

His central premise: “The promotional efforts of the climate catastrophists have lacked the cornerstones of effective persuasion: clarity, credibility, and empathy.”

More specifically, here are a few snippets;

On branding:

Successful advocacy campaigns use lucid names to frame and sell their issues—“living wage,” “welfare queen” or “death tax.”

Climate can be confounding;

And, swapping between “climate change” and “global warming” confuses the public.

They’re both a far cry from “Remember the Alamo!”

On credible spokespeople:

Bold statements about complex systems are always more plausible when they are made by people with impeccable credentials.

According to Pew, only 39% of Americans believe climate scientists can be trusted a lot to give full and accurate information on causes of climate change.

As a Harvard sophomore, Al Gore received a D in a natural-sciences course.

Leonardo DiCaprio dropped out of high school in 11th grade.

Tom Steyer’s  hedge fund invested hundreds of millions of dollars in coal mining.

More generally, “climategate” and questions about the integrity of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate data have all fueled public suspicion.

According to Pew, only 39% of Americans believe climate scientists can be trusted a lot to give full and accurate information on causes of climate change.

On dissenters:

While the prosecution may feel it has a winning case, the jury’s verdict is what counts.

Labeling dissenting jurors “deniers”— an insidious association with Holocaust denial — is a losing courtroom strategy.

Most people are naturally disinclined to obsess daily about a phenomenon that started long before they were born and won’t reach fruition until long after they die.

Calling skeptics “anti-science” is counterproductive, especially since skepticism is the essence of the scientific method.

The WSJ author advises climate activists that they will attract more supporters to their cause if  they …

  1. Pick a name (that resonates) and stick with it
  2. Create a clear call to action
  3. Enlist a convincing spokesman with a small carbon footprint
  4. Tone down the alarmism
  5. Fix your computer models
  6. Listen to the doubters, don’t lambaste them.

Hmmm ….

The advice sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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Recap: 13 Reasons why I’m lukewarm on climate change …

May 11, 2018

I’m neither a denier nor a zealot …  so, according to British writer (& phrase-coiner) Matt Ridley, I’m a “lukewarmer”.


For the record, here are the 13 reasons that I’m a lukewarmer … with links to the prior posts:

1.   Unsettling science   From “Ice Age” to  “Global Warming”  to “18-year Pause” to“Climate Change”.

2.   Expired doomsday predictions   By 2016, NYC would be swamped, Polar bears would be extinct, etc.

3.  The “97% of scientists” baloney   Oft-repeated doesn’t make it true – here’s the real story

4.  Dinking with the data   Temperature data “adjusted” by the NOAA eliminated the 18-year pause and bolstered the global warming case

5.  Temperature readings – plus or minus   Bottom line: thermometers weren’t very precise in the old days … and still have wide variances

6.  What’s the earth’s temperature?   It depends on the mix of reporting locations and an array of factors at each of them

7.  The Climategate Emails   Climate scientists were exposed hiding exculpatory data for political purposes

8.  Low on American’s worry list   Folks will nod that it’s probably getting warmer, but have more urgent matters to worry about (like keeping their jobs or getting healthcare)

9.  Seen a Volt recently?   Obama vowed a million EVs by now – where are the “believers”?

10. Letting the perps walk   For all practical purposes, the Paris Accords gave the world’s worst polluters – India & China – a free pass.

11. Celebs who “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”   In the aftermath of a flood or hurricane, you can count on celebrities coming forth to bellow “I told you so”  …. even if the facts and the science say otherwise.  You see, science – and its relevance – is always malleable to the cause..

12. When is weather “climate”… and when is it just “weather”?   The short answer: hot spells are “climate”; cold spells are just dismissed as “weather”.

13. The “moral license” that “believers” carry in their wallets.  A rationale for the classic “do as I say, not as I do”


And, my advice to climate change advocates:

(1) “Re-brand” the cause to fighting pollution — people can relate to that and it gets to the same end-point

(2)  Stop the incredible (i.e. not credible) scare tactics

(3)  Walk-the-talk … dampen the hypocrisy

(4)  Keep an open mind … sorry guys, the science isn’t really settled yet

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#13 – Why I’m lukewarm to climate change…

May 10, 2018

Reason #13 – The “moral license” that “believers” carry in their wallets
For the record: I’m neither a denier nor a zealot …  so, according to British writer (& phrase-coiner) Matt Ridley, I’m a “lukewarmer”.
Below is a post recapping  my prior 12 Reasons Why I’m Lukewarm to Climate Change

Let’s move on …

Reason #13 – The “moral license” that “believers” carry in their wallets

It’s oft-noted that most climate change celebrities dart around in private jets and gas guzzling SUVs … … and Al Gore’s mega-mansion(s) consume more energy than most suburban neighborhoods.


Guess what:  climate change hypocrisy is prevalent … and there’s a scientific reason why “believers’ don’t walk the talk.


Great moments in Global Warming …

May 8, 2018

MLB reports record number of April postponements due to snow and brutal cold.


I know, weather isn’t climate … unless it’s a hot spell … in which case, it’s evidence of climatic global warming.

(see When is weather “climate”… and when is it just “weather”

So, I haven’t referenced articles like “Canada experiences coldest, extended winter”.

And, I haven’t whined about how my boat mechanic hasn’t been able to de-winterize my boat yet.




But, I can’t ignore the way COLD weather has shambled the start of the 2018 baseball season.


Why I’m a “lukewarmer” … ambivalent to climate change.

June 6, 2017

Reason #1: From “The Coming Ice Age” … to “Global Warming” … to “18 year Pause” … to “Climate Change”


Amid the hysteria over President Trump’s ditching of the Paris Accords, I had a long talk with myself.

“Self,” I asked “Why are you so apathetic to the pending Apocalypse?”

My first reason: the wide swings in the “branding” of the impending disaster that “scientists” anticipate.

For example, back in the late 1950s (yes, I was alive then), scientists were already touting the next ice age.



That crisis scenario caught traction for a couple of decades…


Perspectives on Climate Change …

November 30, 2015

Since Bernie Sanders has said that Climate Change is a far bigger threat than ISIS

… and since Prince Charles has declared that Climate Change is what’s causing all the havoc in the Middle East

… and since President Obama says that the U.S. is demonstrating that it’s still relevant in the world by the “leading on Climate Change” (apparently from the front, not the back this time)

… and since this is the week of the Global Climate Change Convention in Paris …


I decided to get up to speed on the topic and do a couple of posts on the subject.

For openers let’s get some perspective from political commentator (and comedian) Dennis Miller …


A bad week for global warmers …

January 7, 2014

In 2008, Al Gore boldly declared to a German audience that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.” Source


5 years later, most folks are hoping for a little warming … probably even Al.


It’s had to get too excited about global warming when …


From the ‘when will they learn ?’ file … another global warming hearing canceled due to DC snow.

February 10, 2010

You just had to know it would happen again …

* * * * * 


EPW UPDATE February 9, 2010:

The following Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearings have been postponed due to inclement weather this week:

– The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife,  “Collaborative Solutions to Wildlife and Habitat Management.”

– The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, “Global Warming Impacts, Including Public Health, in the United States.”

See it for yourself:

News Flash: Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming

December 17, 2009

You just can’t make this stuff up …

* * * * *

Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming  Bloomberg, Dec. 17, 2009

World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight.

[Note: In an average Dec.,  Copenhagen gets 2.1 inches of snow]

“Temperatures will stay low at least the next three days,” Henning Gisseloe, an official at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute, said today by telephone, forecasting more snow in coming days. “There’s a good chance of a white Christmas.”

Delegates from 193 countries have been in Copenhagen since Dec. 7 to discuss how to fund global greenhouse gas emission cuts. U.S. President Barack Obama will arrive before the summit is scheduled to end tomorrow.

Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors.

Copenhagen hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, and only had seven last century.

Temperatures today fell as low as minus 4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit).

DMI defines a white Christmas as 90 percent of the country being covered by at least 2 centimeters of snow on the afternoon of Dec. 24.


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