Great moments in Global Warming …

MLB reports record number of April postponements due to snow and brutal cold.


I know, weather isn’t climate … unless it’s a hot spell … in which case, it’s evidence of climatic global warming.

(see When is weather “climate”… and when is it just “weather”

So, I haven’t referenced articles like “Canada experiences coldest, extended winter”.

And, I haven’t whined about how my boat mechanic hasn’t been able to de-winterize my boat yet.




But, I can’t ignore the way COLD weather has shambled the start of the 2018 baseball season.


According to an AccuWeather recap …

“The first month of the Major League Baseball season will likely be remembered for the many games that didn’t happen as opposed to the ones that did.“

Fact: Major League Baseball had a record number of weather-related postponements in April.

Snow and brutal cold weather have caused officials to call off games.

As reported by Jayson Stark, a senior baseball writer at The Athletic, there have been 27 games with temperatures in the 30s F so far this season.

For the entire 2017 season, only one game featured temperatures that low.

Even teams with domed stadiums have been impacted.  In some cases, snow-covered highways made it dangerous for fans to make their way to the stadiums. In an extreme case, a large chunk of ice fell from the CN Tower in Toronto, damaging the roof of the Blue Jay’s stadium.

The cold weather and frequent postponements have  exasperated players.

As the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo succinctly put it: “Playing in the cold sucks.” ESPN 1000 in Chicago.

The impact on fans: attendance is down

As Rizzo asks: “As a fan you’re going to a baseball game in April, and it’s raining, snowing and [with] freezing rain. Is it really that much fun?

Tell me again about how the earth is warming …


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