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Great moments in Global Warming …

May 8, 2018

MLB reports record number of April postponements due to snow and brutal cold.


I know, weather isn’t climate … unless it’s a hot spell … in which case, it’s evidence of climatic global warming.

(see When is weather “climate”… and when is it just “weather”

So, I haven’t referenced articles like “Canada experiences coldest, extended winter”.

And, I haven’t whined about how my boat mechanic hasn’t been able to de-winterize my boat yet.




But, I can’t ignore the way COLD weather has shambled the start of the 2018 baseball season.


Hacked: Cards expose Moneyball’s strategic vulnerabilities …

June 18, 2015

Moneyball – the Oakland As use of data  and metrics to ID undervalued players —  was one of the  major catalysts for the current rage around big data and data analytics.

The Houston Astro’s  were one of the teams to adopt the Moneyball philosophy in a big way.

This week, the NY Times broke the story that the St. Louis Cardinals had hacked into Astro’s proprietary database.

Big news.

In fact, this hack seemed to get more media time than  the Chinese jacking the personal info of all government employees.



Baseball competition aside, here’s why I think there’s a big teaching point in the story


Cubs lose … blame Obama.

August 25, 2014

Since Obama is still blaming Bush for everything, it’s good to see the tide turning and see him get tagged for some losses.

Here’s the scoop according to several sources:

The Cubs were leading the SF Giants 2-0  last week when the game had to stopped due to heavy rain.

The ground crew struggled to get the tarp across the field.




After a 4-hour rain delay, the field was declared unplayable.

Since the teams had played more than 5 complete innings, the Cubs were declared the winners.

Here’s where things get interesting.