Cubs lose … blame Obama.

Since Obama is still blaming Bush for everything, it’s good to see the tide turning and see him get tagged for some losses.

Here’s the scoop according to several sources:

The Cubs were leading the SF Giants 2-0  last week when the game had to stopped due to heavy rain.

The ground crew struggled to get the tarp across the field.




After a 4-hour rain delay, the field was declared unplayable.

Since the teams had played more than 5 complete innings, the Cubs were declared the winners.

Here’s where things get interesting.


First, the Giants protested games to MLB Headquarters, arguing that the Cubs “failed to properly wrap and spool the tarp after its last use” and didn’t unfurl it in a timely and effective manner.

MLB agreed with Giants and tagged the Cubs with a forfeiture.

English translation: Giants win. Cubs lose.


Now, here’s where the story gets really interesting.

IGoing into this season, the Cubbies changed some of their game day staffing policies to keep employees (think, grounds crew) under 150 hours per month.

Why 150 hours?

Easy, Sherlock … that’s the ObamaCare demarcation line between benefit-light part-time employees and full-time ObamaCare-covered employees.

Apparently, the Cubs didn’t backfill by adding additional part-time employees … they just tried to skate by with the same number of employees working fewer hours.


Probably seemed like a safe bet to cut the size of the ground crew.

After all, a full squad is only required to roll out the tarp.

How many games get rained on?

Answer: not many.

And, how many rained-on-games are heavy, extended downpours?

Answer: virtually none.

The Cubs made a rational business decision and rolled the dice.

Snake eyes.

Blame it on Obama …

click to watch the fiasco of the crew trying to roll out the tarp.


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