Two judges issue rulings against Team Mueller …

Here’s the ruling that might be the most problematic.

There was some hoopla last Friday when a Federal judge admonished Mueller’s prosecutors in one of the Manafort cases … and ordered the delivery of some here-to-fore withheld documents.


With regards to the admonition:  Judge T,S.Ellis opined the obvious: that  the case had nothing to do with Russian collusion … and that special counsel’s office wanted merely to pressure Mr. Manafort to provide information about Mr. Trump that might be the basis for prosecution or impeachment proceedings … and that the special counsel was acting in an “unfettered” way, far outside the boundaries of his charge. CNN

Judge Ellis then ordered the Mueller prosecutors to produce the original unredacted DOJ documents that established the special prosecutor’s scope of investigation.

The prosecutors said “no can do” because there’s sensitive (classified) information in the documents.

The judge’s reply:”C/mon guys, I decide that, not you” …  and he insinuated that he would dismiss the case if he didn’t get unredacted copies, pronto.

The implication: If the special counsel refuses to produce the documents … and if the judge follows through on his threat … then, there will be a precedent on the books of a court action based on the ruling that the special counsel is exceeding his legal scope of inquiry and failing to comply with court directives.

That could be a relief for Trump “satellites” who are charged with crimes that seem unrelated to Russian collusion,

But, in my opinion, the Manafort rulings are the least of Mueller’s potential worries …


Late Friday, another Federal judge denied a request for a procedural delay in proceedings against the 3 Russian companies (and 13 individual Russians) charged with “hacking and sowing unrest” during the 2016 election.

Conventional wisdom was that the Boris & Natasha gang  would never even acknowledge the indictments, let alone show up in court.

Au contraire.

Turns out that lawyers for one of the companies did show up in court, established that they are representing one of the indicted companies – Concorde Catering, and filed to start the routine discovery process.

That’s the process whereby defendants get to see all of the evidence that prosecutors have accumulated.


Think about that for a second.

In U.S. courts, defendants have the right to look-see the prosecutor’s stockpile of evidence.

In this case, the documents that the DOJ refuses to give Congress because they contain  “sensitive” information.

It looks like the special counselor has 2 options …

1) Mueller can comply with the discovery rules and cough up his stockpile of evidence.

I set those odds at slim to none.

2) The judge can rule that Mueller’s team failed to comply and dismiss the charges against the indicted Russians.


That would, to say the least, weaken the whole collusion narrative.

Team Mueller would lose its only case that has anything to do with Russian “hacking & sowing”.

Let’s see how this one plays out …


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