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Two judges issue rulings against Team Mueller …

May 7, 2018

Here’s the ruling that might be the most problematic.

There was some hoopla last Friday when a Federal judge admonished Mueller’s prosecutors in one of the Manafort cases … and ordered the delivery of some here-to-fore withheld documents.


With regards to the admonition:  Judge T,S.Ellis opined the obvious: that  the case had nothing to do with Russian collusion … and that special counsel’s office wanted merely to pressure Mr. Manafort to provide information about Mr. Trump that might be the basis for prosecution or impeachment proceedings … and that the special counsel was acting in an “unfettered” way, far outside the boundaries of his charge. CNN

Judge Ellis then ordered the Mueller prosecutors to produce the original unredacted DOJ documents that established the special prosecutor’s scope of investigation.

The prosecutors said “no can do” because there’s sensitive (classified) information in the documents.

The judge’s reply:”C/mon guys, I decide that, not you” …  and he insinuated that he would dismiss the case if he didn’t get unredacted copies, pronto.

The implication: If the special counsel refuses to produce the documents … and if the judge follows through on his threat … then, there will be a precedent on the books of a court action based on the ruling that the special counsel is exceeding his legal scope of inquiry and failing to comply with court directives.

That could be a relief for Trump “satellites” who are charged with crimes that seem unrelated to Russian collusion,

But, in my opinion, the Manafort rulings are the least of Mueller’s potential worries …


But, all of the chemical weapons were already out of Syria … right?

April 10, 2017

Even the mainstream media has had to acknowledge former President Obama’s infamous Syrian red line threat.


You remember,  the former President said that Syria would face grave consequences if chemical weapons were used.

When the WMDs were used, the Administration kicked into high gear with increasingly harsh teleprompter readings and and a pleas for the Russians to take charge.

Soon thereafter came the declarations of victory – bold self-praise that all chemical weapons had been destroyed or removed (to Russia, of course).

In case you’ve forgotten the chest-banging, here’s a great compilation of the self-congratulatory gobbledygook (def’n)


Source: Washington Free Beacon



Naive, delusional, intentionally misleading?

You make the call.


P.S.  Here’s a question to ponder:

Any chance that Syria’s chemical weapons are stamped “Made in Iraq”

15 years ago there were claims that Iraq – given plenty of time while the UN dithered – had moved their stockpiles of chemical weapons to Syria.

But, the emerged narrative was that Bush lied – there never were WMDs in Iraq.

Might be time to re-think that conclusion.



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Brexit in 2 charts …

June 24, 2016

For sure, yesterday’s vote in the UK to leave the EU was a jolt to the Establishment – the world financiers, political elites and open border aficionados.

Cutting to the chase, the vote of the people appears to have swung on one issue: immigration.

According to Bloomberg, immigration  surpassed the economy as voters’ major concern.



And, since immigration into the UK is now essentially regulated (or unregulated) by EU whims, 75% of voters with immigration concerns logically opted to to pull the “Leave” lever.



My take: Some implications for the U.S. election…

Obviously, the Establishment lost … and immigration emerged as a determining issue.

Hmmm …

The world economy is likely to take a short-term hit …. with some derived damage to the already weakening US economy … during the run-up to the election.

Double hmmm.

Imagine: what if Donald J. stops saying dumb stuff …



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It’s hard to stop bullying if the bullies keep winning …

March 2, 2016

Years ago, my sons’ high school headmaster (aka. “principal”) launched a program aimed at civility.

He was concerned that kids were becoming disrespectful to adults … and to each other.

Most parents thought the idea was a bit quirky… students had no idea what he was talking about.

The guy eventually got canned when he allowed police into the school to arrest some kids who were peddling drugs … a rather uncivil behavior. (Parents thought that letting police into the school was uncivil …)

My take: the guy was a couple of decades ahead of his time.

Fast forward to today.

As near as I can tell, the anti-bullying campaigns and rhetoric have been largely pushed to the back burner … only being cameoed when there is a teen tragedy directly linked to bullying.

Why is that happening?


The bullies keep emerging as winners … and winning beats losing.



Case in point: Donald J. Trump.


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