Brexit in 2 charts …

For sure, yesterday’s vote in the UK to leave the EU was a jolt to the Establishment – the world financiers, political elites and open border aficionados.

Cutting to the chase, the vote of the people appears to have swung on one issue: immigration.

According to Bloomberg, immigration  surpassed the economy as voters’ major concern.



And, since immigration into the UK is now essentially regulated (or unregulated) by EU whims, 75% of voters with immigration concerns logically opted to to pull the “Leave” lever.



My take: Some implications for the U.S. election…

Obviously, the Establishment lost … and immigration emerged as a determining issue.

Hmmm …

The world economy is likely to take a short-term hit …. with some derived damage to the already weakening US economy … during the run-up to the election.

Double hmmm.

Imagine: what if Donald J. stops saying dumb stuff …



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