But, all of the chemical weapons were already out of Syria … right?

Even the mainstream media has had to acknowledge former President Obama’s infamous Syrian red line threat.


You remember,  the former President said that Syria would face grave consequences if chemical weapons were used.

When the WMDs were used, the Administration kicked into high gear with increasingly harsh teleprompter readings and and a pleas for the Russians to take charge.

Soon thereafter came the declarations of victory – bold self-praise that all chemical weapons had been destroyed or removed (to Russia, of course).

In case you’ve forgotten the chest-banging, here’s a great compilation of the self-congratulatory gobbledygook (def’n)


Source: Washington Free Beacon



Naive, delusional, intentionally misleading?

You make the call.


P.S.  Here’s a question to ponder:

Any chance that Syria’s chemical weapons are stamped “Made in Iraq”

15 years ago there were claims that Iraq – given plenty of time while the UN dithered – had moved their stockpiles of chemical weapons to Syria.

But, the emerged narrative was that Bush lied – there never were WMDs in Iraq.

Might be time to re-think that conclusion.



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5 Responses to “But, all of the chemical weapons were already out of Syria … right?”

  1. John Carpenter Says:

    Here is another, possibly more timely, question to ponder. Syria could not possibly have used chemical weapons without the approval of Russia. If Russia did take control of Syria’s chemical weapons, as they say they did, why did they give them back? My guess. Russia is not a first rate military power. They will be able to keep up their front line military support for Syria for only so long. Faced with this both Russia and Syria may have thought a gamble on using chemicals would pay off in shortening the revolution. Perhaps they thought their new pal in the White House would not be bothered about it and he could ignore the international outrage. From all the signals they were getting it was probably a good bet. They just forgot that Trump’s attention span is about 30 minutes.

  2. SJ Says:

    In sum, Obama’s pajama boy diplomacy led by “Tour de France” Kerry and “what difference does it make?” Clinton did not work. They set the Middle East, North Africa and the Ukraine in flames and then sat to watch the ongoing slaughter.

    I am not sure I agree with Trump’s newly found interventionism either. Assad is a secular leader who kept Syria together. Without him you will only get an Iraq-type situation with permanent slaughter, especially of Christians.

    • John H Carpenter Says:

      I pretty much agree with SJ with the added comment that I don’t believe there is a good solution. and short of slaughter, maybe a solution at all.. I have a good friend here who married a Syrian Christian. They both support Assad as the only government that would protect Syrian Christians. From a US/European point of view there are no good guys in this conflict.

  3. Potato Farmer Fred Says:

    Prof. Homa and SJ’s share a belief that the solution to every problem is simple: Blame the Democrats.

  4. Taj Says:

    Great piece that shows how political the positions on Syria are – no principle, only politics.

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