Why I’m a “lukewarmer” … ambivalent to climate change.

Reason #1: From “The Coming Ice Age” … to “Global Warming” … to “18 year Pause” … to “Climate Change”


Amid the hysteria over President Trump’s ditching of the Paris Accords, I had a long talk with myself.

“Self,” I asked “Why are you so apathetic to the pending Apocalypse?”

My first reason: the wide swings in the “branding” of the impending disaster that “scientists” anticipate.

For example, back in the late 1950s (yes, I was alive then), scientists were already touting the next ice age.



That crisis scenario caught traction for a couple of decades…


For example, Science Magazine ran an  article in 1975 telling us to keep worrying about the coming Ice Age.


Here’s the key chart from the Science Magazine article … showing temperatures already plummeting:



You probably know the rest of the story.

First, the u-turn to Global Warming.

But, uh-oh, then came the “18 year pause” in global warming.

Satellite data reported that, over the a period of about 18 years or so, temperatures bounced around a bit, with zero evidence of any kind of warming trend.



It’s called the “18 year pause” … because some climate change hawks argue that there’s still global warming but it has just taken a time out.

Say, what?

Others argue that 18 years is too short of a time period.

You see, a trend only happens over hundreds of years.


So, split the difference, let’s create some wiggle room and call it “Climate Change


These apocalypse headlines haven’t been minor changes at the margin.


There has been a complete u-turn from “Ice Age” to “Global Warming” … tempered with an “18-year Pause” … then wrapped in a catch-all “Climate Change”.

That gives me cognitive whiplash … makes me think that the science is really settled on this one … and brands me — according to the NY Times and British writer Matt Ridley (who coined of the phrase)– a “lukewarmer” … neither a zealot nor a denier.



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