Heatwaves: More historical perspective…

Good thing we’re not living in the 1930s


Yesterday, we posted the 10 hottest days recorded in my locale — Washington, DC.

The key conclusions: (1) last weekend’s 99 degree reading doesn’t come close to making the list (2) no days since 2012 made the list (3) it was pretty damn hot in the 1930s.

Here’s some more confirming evidence on that last point from WeatherFacts:

In the 1930s, there were more heatwaves and, on average, each heatwave lasted for a historically long duration.

In the 1930s, heatwaves lasted over 10 days …. nowadays, they’re less than a week.

“Yeah Ken, but heatwaves these days are way hotter than the were a hundred years ago.”

Not so, mes amies…


Back in the 1930s, the average high temperatures during heatwaves was about 101 degrees …. these days it’s about 99 degrees.

““But Ken, that’s a measly 2 degree difference … not statistically significant.”

Careful with that … the 2 degrees are more than most global warming models are predicting over the next millennium or so … so, even if the models are on target, that just brings us back to 1930s’ temps.



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