Update: If the earth is warming why isn’t Baltimore?

With the December data in, the plot thickens….

Today, let’s update the analysis that I’ve been reporting …

Like much of the U.S., the Baltimore area (where I live) endured an apparent heatwave this summer.

It was hot enough that, even I, momentarily thought: “Maybe the earth really is warming.”

Then, I started looking harder at my monthly electricity bills from BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric).

Besides usage info, BGE reports the average monthly temperature, for the current and prior years (the red boxes below).

We previously reported in the past couple of months that year-to-date temperatures in the Baltimore area have been a couple of degrees colder than those in the prior couple of years.

Well, I just got my December bill and guess what.

Average temperatures in the Baltimore area in December were 9 degrees COLDER than last year.


The average December temperature in Baltimore this year was 36 degrees …  9 degrees COLDER than last year’s 45 degrees.


So, for the full year 2022, average temperatures in Baltimore were 2.4 degrees colder than they were in 2021 … and 3.1 degrees colder than than they were in 2020.


Note that 8 of the 12 average monthly temperatures were colder in 2022 than they were in 2020 … the other 4 months were tied.

Only 2 months in 2022 (February and November) were hotter in 2022 than they were in 2021 … 10 of 12 months were colder.



For the record: My electricity usage only increased by 1% from 2021 to 2022 … but my total electrical bill went up by 13.4% …. thanks to a roughly 12% increase in electricity prices.

Thanks, Joe.

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