The courses are too damned hard!

So says 87% of college students.

To get a better understanding of how students perceive the difficulty of  their courses and to determine how students respond to being enrolled in a challenging class, surveyed 1,000 current 4-year college students.

Here’s what they found:

> 87% of college students say some or many professors make classes too difficult.

> Specifically, 13% said none of their course were too difficult, 21% said one course was too difficult, 54% a few courses were too difficult, 13% said that most or all of there courses were unnecessarily difficult.

> Math and Science are the courses that are most frequently cited as unnecessarily difficult.


And, how are students responding to the curricular challenges that they encounter?

> 17% dropped a class they thought was too difficult.

> 69% of students say they respond (to difficult courses) by asking a professor or classmate for help or by studying more

> To that end,  64% say they put ‘a lot’ of effort into their classes …

> But, of the 64% who say they put in a lot of effort, 1/3  admit that they spend less than 5 hours a week studying and on homework … said differently, that’s about an hour per weekday

Cheating, blame shifting and grousing are flavors de jour:

> 31% have cheated in order to get a better grade

> About 1 in 10 students filed a formal complaint that at least one course or professor is too hard

> 2/3s  say the professor should be forced to make a class easier

> 38% of students have asked a professor to change their grade

> Nearly half (47%) of college students want to throw out the traditional grading system and replace it with a pass/fail grading system.

Here’s the kicker: despite their “challenges” at the undergrad level…

> 81% say it’s likely they’ll pursue a graduate degree; 25% in business, 14% computer science, and 13% medicine.

As if grad school is going to be a cake walk…


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