Hey Joe, Where are my test kits?

Ordered Jan. 18 … still not shipped … what?

Joe’s promise: Order now, will be shipped in 7 to 10 days, allow 1 to 3 days in transit.

Specifically, I ordered early on Jan. 18 — the day before the full launch —  and before the news hit that the site had opened early.

Got a confirming email:


With the early confirmed order, I should have been near the front of the queue, right?

Joe’s promise was: Shipped in 7 to 10 days, allow 1 to 3 days in transit.

So, worst case, should have shipped by Jan. 28 and received by Jan. 31.

It’s Feb. 4 and I haven’t even received a “been shipped” email.

Unlike real online retailers, there’s no way to check the status of the order.

So, where are my test kits, Joe?



To be fair & balanced …

Later on Jan. 18, I entered an order on behalf of one of my sons’ families  (different address, strictly legal) … and they got their Biden-tests last week.


So what?

Kathy (my wife) developed cold symptoms. Covid?

A couple of friends swear that they got infected while waiting in line to get tested

So, we were skittish about getting Covid-exposed at a testing site and wanted to do at home rapid tests.

Local retailers’ shelves were empty.

Then the skies opened.

Costco suddenly had inventory online and was able the deliver 5 test kits in a couple of days.

Good news: My wife’s Covid rapid test was negative … most likely, she just had a cold.

I filed a reimbursement claim with my insurance company … and eager to see how that goes.

Haven’t heard back from them, so I’m betting the under on the reimbursement.

Oh well…


Yesterday, our local Ollie’s Discount Mart — which specializes in closeouts and out-of-date merchandise — advertised that they had received a truckload of Covid tests.

Maybe the Feds can source from Ollie’s to fill their backlog.

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