Update: Joe says my free test kits are in the mail…

And, a first in a lifetime email from Costco.

Last Friday, we whined that we still hadn’t received the gov’t supplied test kits that we ordered on Jan. 18.

Based on Joe’s promises — shipped in 7 to 10 days, day or two in the mail — they should have been here by the end of January … when my wife was on the DL with nasty cold symptoms, and we worried that she might be covid-infected.

Well, on Sat. morning, this email hit my e-mailbox:


A week late … after our immediate need passed … and a day after the HomaFiles exposé.


Coincidence or surveillance?

Well, at least I have some test kits on the shelf.

Hope thy work on the next covid variant starts circulating…


On the brighter side, I also got this email Costco (where I scored covid test kits when we needed them).


The key lines read:

Recently, our buyers were able to negotiate additional savings for this item.

As a result, we will be issuing you a Costco Digital Shop Card in the amount of $8 per item.

I don’t remember ever getting a proactive, after-the-fact, auto-generated refund when a retailer subsequently got a lower price from their supplier.

Let’s hear it for Costco … and, more generally, for the private sector.

One Response to “Update: Joe says my free test kits are in the mail…”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Without Costco, not sure how our family would have gotten through the Pandemic!

    As to the government-issued test kits, turns out that being below 35 may degrade the reagents in the kit. Guessing that may be why friends in warmer places (who ordered within minutes of me) got theirs first, and those of us in the frozen MidAtlantic are just now beginning to receive them. Of course, the surveillance idea may still have legs…

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