Georgia counting controversy is now getting surreal…

Unless your TV only gets CNN, you’ve probably seen the election night CCTV video from Fulton County Georgia’s the central counting room at Sate Farm Arena.


The video shows (or as the Washington Post says “appears to show”) media & observers leaving the room en masse around 10:30 … then ballot-laden suitcases being rolled out from under some tables by the handful of remaining counters who spend the next couple of hours scanning the suitcases’ contents.

The video was presented to GOP-run State Senate Committee by Trump operatives and looped on right-leaning stations and sites.

Immediately, there was pushback by liberal media and fact-checkers … and by Georgia State election officials.

OK, with that as background, let’s unpack the story…


First, on election night, I heard with my own ears that Fulton County had to shut-down vote-counting due to a water main break.

That story was partially true, but it was out of time phase.

The “break” wasn’t to a water main, it was an overflowing urinal someplace in the arena. And, it wasn’t happen “now”, it had happened 12 hours earlier on election morning.

Counting was reportedly suspended for a few hours because for the plumbing problem … but it’s not clear why given that it was very minor and distant from the counting room. Source

So be it…


Second, state election officials vehemently denied that media and observers were told to go home.


Apparently, the election officials forgot about Twitter audit trails.

ABC — not exactly a Trump-leaning conspirator — tweeted on election night:



Sure sounds like they were telling folks to leave.


Third, it’s when Georgia’s Secretary of State was confronted with contemporaneous tweets and signed affidavits that things started to get surreal.

Acknowledging that election officials had told the media and observers to clear out, Secretary of State Raffensperger’s office said:

“We accept Fulton County’s explanation that the Republican monitors and news media are to blame for believing the election officials who told them that they were shutting down, packed up the voting equipment, and started cleaning,” Source

Say, what?

Shades of Pelosi apologizing for falling for the beauty shop’s trap when violating COVID shutdown rules.


Fourth, Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s Voting System Implementation Manager for Georgia extended the defense using the “no harm, no foul” principle, asserting that:

“The 90 second video of election workers at State Farm arena, purporting to show fraud, shows normal ballot processing.”

To my knowledge, Mr. Sterling hasn’t release the pages from the election board’s standard operating procedures that normalize (1) stick ballots in suitcases (2) clear the counting room (3) pull out the suitcases (4) count the ballots (5) deny that you did it.

All that’s missing is a critical preparatory operating step; Spray paint over the CCTV cameras so you don’t get caught.


Bottom line

This mess could be easily (and quickly) sorted out.

Remember when the FBI emergency dispatched 15 agents to Talladega Raceway to sort out the Bubba Wallace bruhaha?

Why not send 15 agents to investigate whether voting fraud was committed or not?

I bet it would take less than a day to get to the bottom of this mess — one way or another.

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