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Anger in America …

November 25, 2020

Time to chill out, folks

Pew ran  large sample surveys in June and and November (after the election).

They asked participants about their feelings: hopefulness, fear, pride and anger.

The latter caught my eye.

Pew asked: In thinking about the state of the country, do you feel angry?

In June, 80% of Biden supporters — 4 out of every 5 — said that they felt ANGRY.

Let that sink in for a moment. ANGRY.


Since the election, their anger has subsided by about 1/3 … down 24 percentage points to 56%.

That level is about equal to the anger level of Trump supporters before and after the election.


The scorching high temperature among Biden supporters doesn’t surprise me.

But, I am surprised that even more of their anger wasn’t dissipated by their apparently successful effort to oust the hated orange-haired man.

And, I was initially surprised by the majority level of anger among Trump supporters … before and after the election.

My take: They’re anger isn’t directly election-related.

Rather, their anger is probably a reflection of the state-of-the-nation: diminished law & order (i.e. unprosecuted fires & looting) and constrained freedom (e.g. lockdowns and mandates)


The really bad news: The majority of both Biden and Trump supporters are still ANGRY.

Maybe Thanksgiving will a good opportunity for everybody to just chill out…

Let’s give it a try…

Part 2: Mail-in ballot verification is a sham!

November 21, 2020

Specifically, high-volume signature verification is a farce.


Yesterday, we walked thru my linked experiences: getting a Maryland driver’s license, registering to vote, requesting an absentee ballot and casting an absentee ballot.

The key takeaways:

  • As part of the D/L process, the state captured an electronic facsimile of my signature (that I etch-a-sketched on an electronic keypad)
  • Also as part of the D/L process, I registered to vote … and, my electronic facsimile signature was posted to my voting registration.
  • Later, I requested an absentee ballot online.  When I did, I provided basic ID info but no signature — just a checked box indicating that I agreed to an electronic non-signing
  • When I sent in my absentee ballot, I manually signed the over-wrapping secrecy envelope — not the ballot.

Now, the million dollar question: Given the above takeaways, how did my ballot get verified?


Face it: Mail-in ballot verification is a sham!

November 19, 2020

Specifically, high-volume signature verification is a pipe dream.

Let’s start with some basics, illustrated with my personal experience…

Last year, when I retired, I officially moved from Virginia to scenic Annapolis, Maryland.

Dutifully, I marched into the DMV to get a Maryland driver’s license.


As part of the process, I had to “write” my signature on an electronic pad to create a  digital recording of it.

Note: For physical and behavioral reasons — how we write and how careful we are –these electronic signatures are known to be problematic … this is, they are oftern poor representations of a person’s “real” manual signature.  Anybody who has used one of these devices knows what I’m talking about.

And, as part of the Maryland licensing process, I was offered the chance to simultaneously register to vote.  I did.

Note: My voter registration’s “signature” was, of course, the same electronic facsimile that got posted to my driver’s license. This is important later in my story

So far, so good.


Now, let’s got through my recent encounter with the absentee voting process…


Voter registration lists are a mess…

November 18, 2020

… and, mail-in ballot verification is a sham.

In a prior post, we argued that assertions that there is “no widespread fraud” is meaningless since relatively small scale fraud that is localized can tilt elections … and that “no systematic fraud has been found” is misleading if the system itself provides ample opportunity to cheat and nobody is trying to find the cheating.

As the old adage says: The absence of evidence of wrong-doing is not evidence that there is no wrong-doing.

The latter — ample opportunity to cheat — is a manifestation of voter registration lists that are a mess and ballot verification procedures that are a sham.

Today, let’s look at voter registration lists, starting with a comprehensive study done by the Pew Trust.

click to view report

Based on their analysis, Pew concluded:

About 24 million — 1 in every 8 — voter registration records are invalid or “significantly inaccurate”.

Of the 24 million:

  • More than 1.8 million dead individuals are listed as active registrants.
    n Approximately 2.8 million people are registered to vote in more than one state
  • Wrong addresses account for most of the 24 million “significant  inaccuracies”

These issues are non-fatal nuisances when voting is done in-person with a required photo ID: dead people don’t show up in person, its tough for multi-state registrants to show up in both (or all) states (save for crossing the Nevada-California border), and wrong addresses get scrutinized closely when segregated as provisional ballots.

But, when a state opens the mail-in floodgates, these registrations inaccuracies can tilt an election.

Let’s get specific…


When states carpet-bomb ballots to everybody on their voter registration lists, 1 in 8 (12.5%) ballots get mailed to somebody who is dead, registered in another state or has moved to another address.

The “dead ballots” can be cast by somebody else  … maybe somewhat innocently  (e.g. Grandma would want this since she always voted Democratic) … or maliciously (e.g. bad actors “harvesting” the “dead ballots”).

Either way, it’s voting fraud!


Similarly, multi-state registrants may be intentionally playing the system to vote more than once (a mortal sin) … or, may be thinking that it’s OK to do since the state “legitimized” their vote by sending them a ballot.

Note: Last year,  I moved and changed my voter registration.  This year, I was deluged with letters and phone calls urging me to vote in my old state.

Either way, it’s voting fraud!


What about the millions of wrong addresses on file?

Think about it: Millions of ballots go to the wrong address!

Note: Pew says that 1 in 8 people move every 2 years — between election cycles … and 1 in 4 young people move in that time.

What’s the problem?

First, people who legitimately should get a ballot don’t because their address hasn’t been updated.

Note: we have first-hand experience of this happening to our immediate family members.

Second, persons who currently reside at the address on file have the opportunity to vote the ballot … no muss, no fuss.

But, don’t these cases get caught and rectified?

Dream on.

In concept, the ballot verification process should snag these errant votes but — as we’ll detail  in another post — the verification processes  (think: signature verification) is porous to sham status.

And, consider what happens when a person who hasn’t received a ballot shows up to vote in person.

If a bad actor has sent in their mail-in ballot, the legit person is flagged for voting twice and given a provisional ballot to be researched and either tossed or validated (with the mail-in ballot voided).

I’m betting the under on that process ever happening!


Cumulatively, these loopholes provide ample opportunity for bad actors to cheat … maybe enough to tilt an election …– especially when ballots are carpet-bombed to everybody on voter registration lists.


Absentee ballot processes used by many states mitigate the problems somewhat but don’t eliminate them.

They just shift the focus to ballot verification processes … which we’ll cover in another post.

First, it was “mostly peaceful protests”…

November 17, 2020

Now, it’s “no widespread voter fraud” or “no systematic fraud”

Like roughly 73 million other Americans, I thought it was surreal this summer when the MSM and left-leaning pundits, coined the phrase “mostly peaceful protests” … and then oft-repeated it to establish the faux-truth among a gullible constituency.


Literally billions of dollars of destruction, businesses burned to the ground, stores looted and people intimidated when walking the streets or dining at restaurants.

IMHO, that’s hardly “peaceful”.

Practically speaking, “peaceful” is a binary variable, not a matter of degree. Especially for those innocent people who lost their businesses, had their neighborhoods burned to a crisp or got roughed up.

My view: “mostly peaceful” is a frightening measure of civil conduct.

Right up there with “the end justifies the means”.


Now, we’ve got a new low bar for civil behavior: “no widespread voter fraud” … or its close cousin: “no systematic voting fraud”.


Follow-up to “Some people just shouldn’t vote” … or, should they?

November 16, 2020

Two classic pieces of advice on the question.

Following last weeks’ post “Some people just shouldn’t vote! “ … a couple of loyal readers reminded me of some classic points-of-view on the subject.

First, is former President Obama’s “Cousin Pookie” advice:

You’ve got to grab your friends. You’ve got to grab your co-workers.

You know, don’t just get the folks you know are going to vote.

You’ve got to find Cousin Pookie, he’s sitting on the couch right now watching football.

He hasn’t voted in the last 5 elections.

You’ve got to grab him and tell him to go vote.

I didn’t say it … Obama did:

click to view video clip


Back in 1984, Andy Rooney — a culture observer & humorist — presented a  contrary point-of-view on 60 Minutes.


Nuts: Georgia wimps out on its vote check.

November 15, 2020

This is very disappointing news…

Last week, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger broke news that he was ordering a hand recount and audit of the state’s election results.

That sounded like very good news … setting a reasonable expectation that illegitimate mail-in ballots would be tossed … and, that Dominion computer counts would be cross-checked.

But, hopes of a rigorous vote-check have all but vanished.


Manchin says not to worry: “I won’t vote for crazy things.”

November 12, 2020

And, there’s probably more to the story.

During a blockbuster interview, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin didn’t mince words.

Manchin said he wanted to “reduce Americans anxiety” about the possibility of the Dems taking control of the Senate.

He said clearly and definitively that, as a tie-blocking vote,  he’d vote NO on “crazy things” like ending the filibuster, court packing, defunding the police and the Green New Deal..

Note: He didn’t mention statehood for DC and P.R., but it’s fair to assume that he’d lump that among the crazy things.

This is the single most refreshing statement I’ve heard from a politician in years.

The entire interview is well worth the listening time.

click to view the 8-minute interview

Of course, there’s more to the story…


Schumer: Take Georgia, then change America and the World.

November 11, 2020

Did he gift the GOP a “defund the police” sound bite?

By now, everybody should be aware that the two  Georgia run-offs in January will determine control of the Senate … and, whether or not the radical left will be throttled by a divided government.

Last weekend, a camera-prone, emotionally-charged Schumer did an imitation of the Howard Dean Scream … letting rip a campaign battle cry:

“Now we take Georgia … then change America … and change the world!”


IMHO, Schumer’s exclamation was a big favor to the GOP.

Here’s why…


First, I think pundits were misreading a common poll result that was oft-headlined during the presidential campaign:

“A majority of Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction”.

The usual interpretation: Everything that Trump is doing is bad and wrong … and needs to be changed.

True, many people probably felt that way.

My guess: About half of the Dems, some of the Independents and a handful of Republicans.

My bet: Many  people thought rioting, looting, canceling, etc., were the wrong direction, not Trump’s policies

That’s why they were comfortable voting for Trump.

Schumer may be falling for the pollsters’ trap … thinking that a majority of Americans (or a majority of his party) wants to radically change America.

I doubt that’s the case.

So, his war chant may be off-target … and for sure, provides the GOP candidates in Georgia a sound bite that will be showcased in commercials … probably, pretty effectively.

Thanks, Chuckie.

Early odds: GA Senate run-offs

November 10, 2020

Betting lines see a split vote … I’m not so sure.

By now, everybody should be aware that the two  Georgia senate run-offs in January will determine control of the Senate … and, whether or not the radical left will be throttled by a divided government.

If the GOP wins at least one of the elections, the Senate stays in GOP control.

If the the Dems sweep the 2 seats, the Senate is tied 50-50 and Dems control the Senate with Kamala presiding.

The early betting line is a split decision … with Warnock (D) a slight favorite over Loeffler … and Perdue (R) favored over Ossoff.

Note: There’s a technical explanation of the odds at the end of post.


My bet: One party or the other will sweep the run-offs.

Here’s why…


About the Congressional races…

November 10, 2020

A bonafide red wave!

The Congressional elections are, perhaps, a better indication of American political sentiment than the Presidential election — which was certainty influenced by Trump-hating.

Going into the election, pundits and politicos were forecasting a Dem pick-up of 10 to 15 seats.

Not to be.

Already in the books is a 5-seat GOP pick-up…


And, there 10 congressional contests that haven’t been called.

Based on current counts, the GOP stands to pick up an additional 8 seats … for a total pick-up of 13 seats.


Now, that’s a red wave !

P.S. Another fine job by the prognosticators.

Will the SCOTUS take on any of the GOP election cases?

November 8, 2020

Disclaimer: I’m neither a lawyer nor a constitutional scholar… just a curious guy trying to understand an interesting issue.

OK, there’s a constitutional question in Pennsylvania, whistleblower affidavits of episodic malfeasance in multiple states and a widespread (albeit partisan) sense that fraudulent ballots were submitted without adequate verification and counted.

Trump’s lawyers are petitioning the SCOTUS to review the charges and order remedies.

So, the question is: Will the SCOTUS intervene in the election?

Let’s drill down on that question…


Remember Hillary’s advice to Joe?

November 7, 2020

The Philly mayor said yesterday that Trump should “just put on his big boy pants” and concede.


That reminded me of the advice that Clinton offered to Biden in August.


According to left-leaning Politico:

Hillary Clinton is predicting Donald Trump’s reelection effort will be a messy affair, and the former Democratic candidate has some advice for Joe Biden: If the race is close, don’t concede.

She emphasized that even a small margin of votes can have major consequences, harking back to her experience winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes and still losing in the Electoral College.

Democrats, she said, should be ready to fight if the results come back too close to call.

“Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is,”

Biden said in July that Trump would try to “indirectly steal” the election by attacking mail-in ballots.

The GOP response: Democrats “believe they can sue their way to victory, and there’s no telling what other shenanigans Democrats will pull once polling locations are open,”

“Don’t concede a close election under any circumstances.”

I wonder if she’d offer the same advice to Trump?

Alito preps for the possibility of tossing late PA ballots…

November 7, 2020


An interesting development last night.

Justice Alito — who is the SCOTUS point man for the Pennsylvania region — issued the following order:

All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely,

(1) that all ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3 be segregated and kept “in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,” and

(2) that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately.


So what?

IMHO, the GOP case is pretty strong.  The Constitution says that state legislatures set the rules for elections, not other government officials or state courts.

The PA legislature’s law says that ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on election day.

It can be debated whether that’s a good rule … but, it’s the law!

The Dem election officials changed the rules to accept mail-in ballots for the whole week.  Their decision was upheld by the PA Supreme Court.

So, the the question is a Constitutional one, not vague charges of vote fraud.

Big deal or little deal?

That’s unclear.

(1) In yesterday’s press conference, the state’s chief election official was unable (or unwilling?) to report how many ballots fell into the late-arriving category.

So, could be a lot … or, could be few.  That’s a big unknown.

(2) Though PA election officials previously issued rules comparable to Justice Alito’s, there are reports that some (many?) PA counties didn’t follow the rules — either out of ignorance or defiance.

This could be a very big deal !

First, it’s conceivable (but unlikely, IMHO) that here are enough late arriving votes to swing the election results.

Second, what if the SCOTUS rules that the late-arriving votes are, in fact, unconstitutional … and PA “finds” that counties haven’t been segregating the votes and that there’s no way to separate them after-the-fact.

What does the SCOTUS do to remediate that situation?

I see only 2 options: (1) let all the votes count and tell PA to not to do it again, or (2) disallow all mail in votes because the pool of votes was irreparably contaminated.

This could get very interesting…

Flashback 1960: Nixon vs. Kennedy (and Mayor Daley)

November 6, 2020

One of the top 5 “rigged Presidential elections”.
Will 2020 make the list?

I lived in Chicago for much of the 70s and 80s.

So, I witnessed the power of Mayor Daley’s Democratic machine.

Its abuses were in plain sight for all to see: most notably, political patronage and vote fraud … think: voting rights for the deceased, “vote early and vote often”, “walking around money”, mysteriously appearing boxes of ballots.

The hallmark of the Chicago machine was the 1960 Presidential election between Kennedy and Nixon.

Fred Lucas, author of the book Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections, ranks Kennedy vs. Nixon as one of the top 5 “rigged Presidential elections”.

Here’s a summary what qualified that election for Lucas’ top 5 list…


Regardless of the outcome…

November 6, 2020

Half of the country will consider the winner to be illegitimate

What a mess…

If Biden wins, Trump supporters will point to fraudulent mail voting and counting shenanigans happening behind closed doors in Democratic “machine” cities & states … Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee and Nevada.

If Trump prevails, it will undoubtedly be because of favorable court rulings on fraudulent mail votes, obstructed poll watchers and violation of state election laws (in Pennsylvania).  

Dems will claim unjustified intervention by the courts … and judicial bias.


Odds are that Biden will ultimately prevail.

If so, the good news is that it’ll be less likely that cities will get burned and looted.

The bad news (for Biden) is that half of the country will think that it got cheated …


Biden: I know Philadelphia…

November 2, 2020

… I got my Eagles jacket on.

That’s what Screamin’ Joe said to burnish his “native son” cred.

Sorry, Joe … that’s a Univ. of Delaware Blue Hen on your jacket, not a Philadelphia Eagle.



Yesterday’s “Trump Caravan” in DC…

November 2, 2020

What a totally peaceful protest looks like.


We got a surprise on Sunday afternoon.

We were on the inner-loop of the Washington Beltway yesterday. heading northeast to Annapolis.

On the other side of the road, we noticed a couple of cars & trucks with Trump flags and banners.

We couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t really just a couple of cars & trucks.

The caravan was miles long.

For those familiar with the DC Beltway, the caravan ran almost the entire distance from I-270 to Route 50 (the expressway to Annapolis).

The Caravan was unlike anything I’d ever witnessed — save for the Macy’s T-Day Parade.

Yes, pick-ups made up the majority of the caravan … but, there were plenty of high-end SUVs, too.

And, for the record, the caravan appeared to be moving at the speed limit and traffic on that side was flowing nicely by Beltway standards.

We didn’t see any firearms being brandished … and nobody was chucking projectiles at innocent people, places or things.

Just driving and waving out of their windows and sky-roofs.

For Trump supporters, it was reassuring to see “shy” Trump supporters come out-of-the closet in the solid-blue DC-Maryland area.

For Biden supporters, there must be solace that none of the caravan’s votes will matter since DC, MD and VA are a lock for Biden.

BTW: On our side of the road, we only spotted one Biden-Harris bumper sticker.

It was on a car parked on the side of the road with its hood up.

An omen?

Face it: It’s really Trump vs. Kamala … not Joe.

October 27, 2020

And, the likely consequences are downright frightening.

Let’s start with a sad personal story.

My mother had Alzheimer’s for most of the last two decades of her life.  It’s a devastating disease that I’d never wish on anyone (or their families).

I distinctly remember the early-on visit to a neurologist when we suspected that she might be experiencing more than senior moments.

One of his diagnostic questions to her was “Who is the president of the United States?”

My mom admitted that she wasn’t sure and answered: “It’s either Roosevelt or Kennedy.”

Since it was the mid-1980s, the correct answer would have been: “Ronald Reagan”.

With that image indelibly planted in my brain, Joe Biden’s latest gaffe stuck a chord with me.

It wasn’t funny … it was sad … and very serious.

During a basement drop-in for his “I Will Vote” virtual concert, Biden asked:

“What kind of a country are we going to be with 4 more years of George, uh, George…”

Joe-s wife-handler can be seen mouthing under-her-breath: “Trump, Trump, Trump”

And Biden continued: “… what kind of world we will be in if Trump gets re-elected.”

click to view the 12-second video.


So, what makes this incident so serious?


The other potential vote-switching debate moment …

October 24, 2020

This one may even sway some suburban women.

Most pundits agree that Biden’s Freudian slip that his goal-certain is to kill the oil & gas industry … the only open-switch is the time frame.

My view: there was at least one other potential vote-swaying debate moment.

About 9 minutes into the debate, on the subject of COVID. Trump said:

I say we’re learning to live with it. We have no choice.

We can’t lock ourselves up in a basement like Joe does. He has the ability to lock himself up. I don’t know, he’s obviously made a lot of money, someplace, but he has this thing about living in a basement.

People can’t do that.

I said, you know, this is dangerous. And you can catch it.

I caught it. I learned a lot. I learned a lot, great doctors, great hospitals. And now, I recovered … 99.9% of young people recover. 99% of people recover.

We have to recover.

We can’t close up our nation, we have to open our schools, and we can’t close up our nation, or you’re not going to have a nation.

A couple of minutes later, Trump followed up:

We can’t keep this country closed.

It is a massive country with a massive economy.

People are losing their jobs, they’re committing suicide. There’s depression, alcohol, drugs at a level that nobody’s ever seen before. There’s abuse, tremendous abuse.

We have to open our country.

You know I’ve said it often — the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself, and that’s what’s happening.

He (Biden) wants to close down.

He’ll close down the country if one person in our, in our massive bureaucracy says we should close it down.

Here’s my take…


The best summary of Biden’s tax plan…

October 24, 2020


Time for bed?

October 24, 2020

Most telling image from the Trump-Biden debate.

Remember when Bush-the-Father got skewed for looking at his watch during one of his debates?


click to view video clip

So, who do you want going up against Putin, Xi and the world’s other crazy leaders?

Biden asked Trump to do something … and, he did!

October 23, 2020

Re: fracking … even CNN says Biden was lying.



During the debate, Trump pressed Biden on fracking.

Biden claimed: “I never said that I was opposed to fracking.”

Trump countered: “Joe, you said it on tape.”

Biden: Show the tape – put it on your web site.on his website.

Here it is, Joe …

click to view 1-minute video collageimage

Huntergate won’t change any voters minds…

October 21, 2020

… but it may swing the election.

Here’s my take:

1. Biden made an unforced campaign error by  trading on his son Beau’s memory when he tried to tag Trump with being insulting to the military.  That move opened the door to dragging son Hunter into the conversation. Family members became fair game.

2. For sure, Biden is guilty of allowing his VP influence to be compromised (by Hunter) … and probably profited from the deals personally.

3. Most (all?) voters assume that most (all?) elected officials trade on their positions and influence for personal gain.

4. So, few (no?) Biden voters will jump off his campaign train just because he’s revealed to be a typical political sleaze … especially since most voters think the transgressions — even those with China — are no harm, no foul … and, because Biden was “just trying to help his wayward son.”.


Huntergate has got to be weighing heavily on Joe’s already diminishing state of mind.


Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

October 12, 2020

President Trump is trailing badly in all of the polls, right?

On one measure that makes sense since.

According to a Gallup survey, registered voters say that Biden has the personality and leadership qualities that a president should have — 49% to 44%. (Upper bars)   


But, that gap is smaller than might be expected and neither candidate gets a majority of voters thinking they have the right stuff.

And, Trump has the upper hand on “agree with him on the issues” — 49% to 46%. (Lower bars above)


So, how do people feel on the crux question:

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?


Obama: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

October 9, 2020

Trump’s ace in the hole … or, just wishful thinking?

Holy Smokes.

A couple of weeks ago,, hard-left Politico ran an article sub-titled “What Obama really thinks about  Biden”.

I expected it to be typical Biden puff piece.

Suffice it to say that I was surprised.


In Obama-speak, the former President “took Joe to the hoop”…


ANTIFA: I couldn’t believe my eyes…

October 1, 2020

Yesterday, I was browsing the web to debrief on the debate … and learn more about ANTIFA.

An article suggested that readers go to the web site

So, I did:


The results were eye-popping…


"I’ve done more in 47 months — than you’ve done in 47 years."

September 30, 2020

That’s my summary of last night’s bleep-show.

The debate was a discouraging spectacle.

Geez, a New York bully against a malleable has-been politico.

Trump interrupted … Biden name-called and brayed like a jackass.

Out of 330 million, can’t we do better than this?


Here’s my morning after mind-dump on what I saw last night…


Here’s the key takeaway from the NY Times tax “bombshell”…

September 29, 2020

Trump’s low taxes were courtesy of an “unwitting gift” from Obama-Biden !

It didn’t surprise me that Trump paid virtually no income taxes for the past decade.

But, I was surprised to read an under-hyped part of the story:

Starting in 2010 (Trump) claimed, and received, an income tax refund totaling $72.9 million — all the federal income tax he had paid for 2005 through 2008, plus interest.

(The $72.9 million refund) was “an unwitting gift from an unlikely source — Barack Obama.” Source


Say, what?

Here’s the relevant part of the story…


As Harry Reid would say: “The word is out that Trump paid no taxes.”

September 28, 2020

… under the Obama-Biden tax structure. that is.

It’s deja vu all over…

Flashback to 2012: Sen. Harry Reid took to the well to shock the nation with the revelation that “the word is out” that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 10 years.

click to view 1-minute video

PolitiFact rated Reid’s allegation “Pants on Fire.”

Reid’s rejoinder:

“Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win, did he?” Source

Well, if it worked once, why not try it again?

Cue the NY Times:


Shocker, right?

Trump used the Obama-Biden tax code to his advantage.

The word is out…

Why do the Dems need any time to vet Amy Coney Barrett?

September 28, 2020

They’re all going to vote “no” any way.

I like that some Dems are now saying that they won’t meet privately with Judge Barrett … and some are saying that they won’t attend the hearings.

That makes complete sense to me … and should speed the process.


Barrett went through a full Senatorial vetting in 2017 when nominated for an Appeals Court position.

An updated FBI report will be done in short order.

By all accounts, she’s likely to be deemed “clean as a whistle”.

Barrett will still present as a white Catholic mother of 7 children — 2 of whom are adopted Haitians; 1 of whom is special needs.

Her rulings will still imply a strong Constitutional leaning … with no history of  “legislating from the bench”.

Most important, no Dems have expressed any inclination to vote yes on her confirmation vote.

Do any Dems want more vetting time so that they can be flipped to vote “yes”.

I’ll bet the under on that one.

Do they expect high school classmates to come out of the shadows and accuse her of being a sexual predator or chainsaw murderer?

Get serious…

Bottom line: I agree with the current betting line … the process will be done before the election.


Uh-oh: Biden calls troops “stupid bastards”…

September 26, 2020

Not anonymous sources … on tape!

You probably remember the Atlantic article that quoted 4 anonymous sources claiming that Trump called soldiers “losers & suckers”.

29 named sources — including Trump nemesis John Bolton, who was in the room when the slurs are alleged to have been made —  refuted the accusations.

Nonetheless, Biden ran with the story.

In an emotional speech, he said the words made him as mad as he’s ever been …  that they trampled on the memory of  his late son Beau.

Subsequently, Biden has used the discredited Atlantic reporting in TV ads and in many of his speeches.

That may end.


A video has surfaced of Biden addressing a group of soldiers.

click to view 10 sec snippet … transcript below.

The verbatim:

Clap for that, you stupid bastards.

Come on, man.

Man, you all are a dull bunch.

Must be slow here, man.”

Biden’s faithful say he was just making a joke.

Doesn’t look like the soldier in the picture thought the joke was very funny.

Think Biden will use the “losers & suckers” line in Tuesday’s debate?

I’m betting the under on that one.


P.S. I am betting the over on Twitter and Facebook banning the video as “disinformation”.

Remember when Biden “dominated” Ryan in VP debate?

September 25, 2020

Consensus is that Trump will roll a cognitively weakened Biden in next week’s debate.

Fearing the worst, Pelosi’s has advised Slow Joe to skip the debates, giving rise to fringe conjecture that Biden won’t post for the debate.

Wildest machination that I’ve heard is that Biden will claim to have tested positive for COVID right before the debate — getting him some shoulda-stayed-home sympathy and a doc’s note for his absence.  All followed by a DeWine-like negative test on Sept. 30.

My view: Biden will show up and, given expectations, Trump has lots of downside … and, Biden has lots of upside.

Flashback to the way Biden shredded Paul Ryan in 2012 …

click for 3-min excerpt

Ryan had the IQ edge by about 100 points and brought his clean-as-a-Scout persona.

So, how did Biden handle him?


The questions that I’d ask Bob Woodward…

September 21, 2020

… and any friends who say that Trump should have yelled “FIRE” back in January.

Dana Perino interviewed Bob Woodward last week.

She was politely asking the right sort of questions … maybe, too politely … and not pointed enough.

IMHO, Woodward came off like a crotchety old man who wanted — above all — for Trump to get off his front lawn.

He kept harping on the the Jan. 28 NSA briefing that the coronavirus could be deadly and could be the most serious security threat to the U.S.

Good enough for Woodward, even if the scientists (think: Fauci) weren’t onboard and there was only 1 reported case in the U.S.

Paraphrasing slightly, when Perino pointed that and cited some of Trump’s accomplishments — including the Mideast peace accords — Woodward said, in effect, “I base my judgment of his incompetency on his response to the Jan. 28 NSA brief alone.”

click to view a 3-minute snippet of the interview

OK, given Woodward’s sharp focus on the Jan. 28 NSA briefing, these are the specific questions I’d ask him…


The election just got messier!

September 19, 2020

To say the least, RBG’s death is disruptive

Here are my takeaways from last night’s chatter:

1. Roes v. Wade is on the ballot again.

Politely stated, the make-up of the SCOTUS will surpass COVID and law & order as the most important issue.  That will rally the evangelicals (for Trump) and the pro-choice crowd (to Biden).

My hunch: The pro choice crowd is already in Biden’s camp.  Evangelicals will go from lukewarm on Trump to “hold your nose” when voting.


2. Trump will certainly go forward with a quick nomination, probably pre-vetted Amy Coney Barrett.

For Trump, it’s  a manhood issue and it puts his legacy is at stake.

The Dems will “Kavanaugh” her for sure.  But doing so, will rally some suburban women back to Trump.


3. Election voting issues will largely be determined by lower courts

Late & questionable mail-in ballots will be this election’s hanging chads that determine who wins.

It’s very unlikely that confirmation can happen before or soon after the election.

So, any issues that make it to the SCOTUS are likely to score a 4-4 tie … with CJ Roberts voting with the liberals.

That means that lower court decisions will stand.

Trump’s lower court-loading may work to his advantage

Venue shopping will key.  Expect the Dems to overload the liberal 9th circuit.


4. Confirmation hangs with Collins & Romney

Romney hates Trump and vote against any nomination … even one that is completely consistent with his few moral principles.

Collins will likely lose her election because she cast the deciding vote for Kavanaugh.

Losing frees her to vote her conscience and gives her a chance to stick it to the Maine voters who rejected her.

Ironically, Trump may benefit from a Collins’ loss.


This is going to be very interesting….

Joe Goes Despacito…

September 17, 2020

For the “you can’t make this stuff up” file

Hoping to validate his “cool” credentials and  to connect directly with the intimately few attendees  at a Hispanic Heritage Month Event in Kissimmee, FL … here’s the way that Hidin’ Joe Biden opened his speech:

MUST WATCH=> click to view – 39 seconds

The song is the sexy-salsa hit “Despacito”.

Besides Biden’s awkwardness, here’s what makes Biden’s song choice such a head-scratcher…


More: Fauci confirms “Trump was saying what we were telling him”

September 11, 2020

MUST READ: This post was updated Sept.13 with a substantially expanded timeline of who said what, when they said it … and how Trump responded at the time.


Woodward certainly set the media’s collective hair on fire with his “bombshell” that Trump “knew” that the coronavirus was more serious than he was telling the American people.

Biden: “Clear evidence of incompetence and dereliction of duty”.

Trump: “Listening to the scientists, and didn’t want to prematurely cause a panic”.

How to settle the question?

Let’s start with what Dr. Anthony Fauci had to truth-tell on the matter:

click to view 4-minute video

By Fauci’s own admission, Trump was “following the science” … contemporaneously channeling what Fauci and other “scientists” were telling him at the time. 

Let’s dig a little deeper on that and look hard at the timeline…


Fauci: “He was saying what we were telling him”

September 10, 2020

Fauci diffuses Woodward’s “bombshell”


Woodward certainly set the media’s collective hair on fire with his revelation that Trump “knew” that the coronavirus was more serious than he was telling the American people.

Biden: “Clear evidence of incompetence and dereliction of duty”.

Trump: “Listening to the scientists, and didn’t want to prematurely cause a panic”.

How to settle the question?

Here’s what Dr. Anthony “My Word is Gospel” Fauci had to say on the matter:

click to view 4-minute video

By Fauci’s own admission, Trump was “following the science” … channeling what he and other “scientists” were telling him at the time. 

Let’s dig a little deeper on that and look at the timeline…


Shocker: Americans uneasy about violence in the streets…

August 31, 2020

…. and, it’s showing up in the polls with big implications.

Let’s start with the big picture…

Prior to each Presidential election, Pew surveys Americans to find out which issues are most important to them.

Below are Pew’s results for 2016 and 2020


Here’s how to interpret the chart and the key takeaways…


The odds have shifted !

August 28, 2020

RealClearPolitics (RCP) tracks betting odds at 6 live betting “books”.

At the end of July, the RCP Betting Odds had Biden up 24 over Trump — 61 to 37.

By the start of the Democratic Convention, Biden’s advantage had narrowed to 12 … 56 to 43.

Coming out of the conventions, Biden’s lead is down to 6 … 53 to 47.


Let the games begin.

Trump’s 2nd Term Priorities

August 24, 2020

Pre-convention, Team Trump released the President’s “core” priorities for his 2nd term.

Here is the initiative in each category that caught my eye:

  • Jobs: Provide “Made in America” Tax Credits
  • Covid-19: Launch vaccine by end of 2020; nationalize all critical medicines and medical supplies.
  • China: No Federal Contracts for Companies who Outsource to China
  • Healthcare: Cover All Pre-Existing Conditions and Protect Social Security and Medicare
  • Education: Provide School Choice to Every Child in America
  • The Swamp: Pass Congressional Term Limits
  • Police: Fully Fund and Hire More Police and Law Enforcement Officers
  • Immigration: Block Illegal Immigrants from Becoming Eligible for Taxpayer-Funded Welfare, Healthcare, and Free College Tuition
  • Innovation: Win the Race to 5G and Establish a National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network
  • Foreign Policy: Stop Endless Wars and Bring Our Troops Home

Here’s the full list…


Obama: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.”

August 17, 2020

Say, what? C’mon, man.

Holy Smokes.

Over the weekend, hard-left Politico ran an article sub-titled “What Obama really thinks about  Biden”.

Since it’s the eve of the Dem convention, I expected it to be puff piece.

Suffice it to say that I was surprised.


In Obama-speak, the former President “took Joe to the hoop”…


Yipes: Less than 1/2 of likely voters say Biden doesn’t suffer dementia.

July 1, 2020

More specifically, a recent Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters found:

38% think Biden is suffering dementia … the breakdown: 66% of GOP, 30% of Independents, 20% of Dems

48% do not think Biden is  suffering dementia …  apparently, they think either (1) he’s sharp as a tack, or (2) he’s just “Joe being Joe”, or (3) there’s no dementia, he just started long ago at a low base

14% said they didn’t know or were unsure …  or were, themselves hopelessly confused.


Drilling down on the survey’s results….


Bloomberg takes American Samoa !

March 4, 2020

DJT nailed the main Super Tuesday takeaways in 2 Tweets ….


My observation: Bloomberg’s 1st debate was like the curtain being pulled back in the Wizard of Oz … a self-inflicted wound that neutralized hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising.

My question: Will a humiliated Bloomberg continue to pour money behind Biden, Congressional Dem candidates and his causes – which obviously didn’t resonate with voters … or, will he take his wallet back home and sulk?



My observation: Rather than drop out before yesterday’s vote (ala Pete, Amy, and Beto), Warren stayed in.  Doing so, she demonstrated that her “higher purpose” of supporting the “Progressive cause” was a bunch of BS. Her vote totals — while meager — would have shifted a couple  of states towards Bernie … or at least narrowed Biden’s delegate lead.


Final take: Trump versus Biden will be fun to watch … especially since the Bernie Bros will stay home.


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The importance of Congressional races…

March 3, 2020

During the last Dem debate, Mike Bloomberg claimed that his election generosity “bought” the Dems a majority in Congress.

Obviously, the GOP would like like to regain a Congressional majority to stop the constant stream of heretofore fruitless investigations that Pelosi & Schiff have instigated.


But, for the GOP. the stakes may be even higher than that.

Keeping the White House may depend on winning the Congress….


Bloomberg’s possible path to the Oval Office…

March 2, 2020

Short answer: via  a 3rd party run.


Many pundits are speculating that Bloomberg’s only chance of winning the White House is to buy-off a sufficient number of “super delegates” at a brokered Democratic Convention.

I disagree.

In fact, if that were to happen,  I think that Trump would prevail in a head-to-head match-up.

My take: Sanders’ supporters will be irate if Bernie enters the convention with a statistically significant plurality of delegates but is denied the nomination because of the Dems’ backroom “Stop Bernie” dealing.

Bernie’s Bros won’t shift their passionate support to Mini Mike … they’ll either stay home or cast Trump votes in protest.

So, the way I see it,  Bloomberg has only one long-shot path to the White House: run as an independent.

It’s a wild scenario, but here’s my logic…


First, I expect that Bernie will be the Dems’ nominee for president.

A reluctant Dem establishment will be left with no choice.

My bet: Head-to-head, Trump the capitalist would beat Sanders the socialist.

But …

What if Bloomberg – after failing to secure the Dem nomination – declares as a 3rd party candidate?

No chance that Bloomberg would beat Trump head-to-head …. and no chance that he’d win 270 electoral votes in a 3-way contest.

But …

What if Bloomberg were to win a state or two (think: New York, New Jersey) … just enough to stop Trump (and Sanders) short of 270?

Well, then the election gets tossed to the Congress.

In a nutshell: Congress gets to elect the President from among the top 3 candidates (based on their earned electoral votes).

Each state’s delegation gets one vote.

Assume that the Dems had the majority of “members” in a majority of state delegations.

Note: While the Dems currently hold a majority in Congress, the GOP currently has a majority of state delegations.

If all the Dem’s state delegations cast “establishment” votes instead of “socialism” votes … i.e. they vote Bloomberg over Sanders … then Bloomberg is elected … even though he won a minimal number of electoral votes in the general election.

Of course, all hell would break loose … and American democracy would never be the same … but Bloomberg would be the President-elect.

A remote happening … but possible.


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Running mates?

February 28, 2020

During this week’s Dem debate, my mind wandered to wondering about possible running mate choices.

I’m already on record projecting that Klobuchar would be a natural running mate for Biden if he rises from the ashes and snags the nomination.

Apparently, Amy is on that mind track, too.

Anybody notice how many times she said that she’s the one candidate that has sway in the swing Midwest states?


What if Sanders gets the nod? Who will he select?


Bloomberg: “My $100 million won the House in 2018”

February 26, 2020

Paraphrasing, that was the line that caught my attention  during last night’s Democratic melee.


Mayor Pete tried to sting Bernie with  “The 40 new congressional reps who were elected, weren’t running on your platform, Bernie … and now, they’re already running away from it.”

Mayor Mike stepped into school him on the point:

“No, it was the $100 million that I personally threw into those campaigns.”

Did he really say that?

The guy who is who is literally trying to buy the 2020 presidential election, crowed that he successfully bought the 2018 Congressional races.


The guy who is supposed to be the Democratic champion for capitalism offered up one of the strongest talking points against it.

When jabrones like Bloomberg grow their wealth to a point that they can buy control of the government, and try to do it, that’s a problem.

Chilling, isn’t it?


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The questions that I’d ask Bloomberg tonight …

February 25, 2020

I expect Bloomberg to be better prepared tonight, but expect that he’ll continue to take incoming fire from the other candidates.


Just to make him squirm, here’s the first question that I’d like to see somebody ask him:

Mr. Blumberg, when you were mayor of NYC, you supported the policing policy called stop & frisk.

The murder rate in NYC dropped significantly when stop & frisk was enforced.

But, the  policy disproportionately impacted young minority males.

You recently apologized for supporting stop & frisk.

Does that mean that, if you had it to do over again, you would have halted stop & frisk and accepted a continuing higher murder rate?

Easy answer: “I would have halted stop & frisk, and doubled down on other murder prevention initiatives such as ….”

My bet: Bloomberg will freeze and blow it if the question is asked.


And, here’s the pivotal question that I’d ask…


India to Trump: “Macho, macho man”

February 25, 2020

Trump is despised by internationally, right?

Well, don’t tell the folks in India.

Over 100,000 packed a stadium rally for him.

Instead of the Star Spangled Banner or Hail to the Chief, the Indians ushered him into the rally to Village People’s classic Macho, Macho Man.

This clip – which, for some reason, isn’t being looped on many stations – is hysterical … well worth viewing.

When you click the link, be sure to ‘unmute’ the video (by moving your cursor over the video and ‘unchecking’ the x next to the speaker icon)  … and watch the Trump-hatted crowd dancing.


India plays “Macho Man” by Village People as Trump enters Sardar Patel Stadium



By end-of-day, I expect MSNBC to charge the Indians with election meddling …


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