Schumer: Take Georgia, then change America and the World.

Did he gift the GOP a “defund the police” sound bite?

By now, everybody should be aware that the two  Georgia run-offs in January will determine control of the Senate … and, whether or not the radical left will be throttled by a divided government.

Last weekend, a camera-prone, emotionally-charged Schumer did an imitation of the Howard Dean Scream … letting rip a campaign battle cry:

“Now we take Georgia … then change America … and change the world!”


IMHO, Schumer’s exclamation was a big favor to the GOP.

Here’s why…


First, I think pundits were misreading a common poll result that was oft-headlined during the presidential campaign:

“A majority of Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction”.

The usual interpretation: Everything that Trump is doing is bad and wrong … and needs to be changed.

True, many people probably felt that way.

My guess: About half of the Dems, some of the Independents and a handful of Republicans.

My bet: Many  people thought rioting, looting, canceling, etc., were the wrong direction, not Trump’s policies

That’s why they were comfortable voting for Trump.

Schumer may be falling for the pollsters’ trap … thinking that a majority of Americans (or a majority of his party) wants to radically change America.

I doubt that’s the case.

So, his war chant may be off-target … and for sure, provides the GOP candidates in Georgia a sound bite that will be showcased in commercials … probably, pretty effectively.

Thanks, Chuckie.

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