Yesterday’s “Trump Caravan” in DC…

What a totally peaceful protest looks like.


We got a surprise on Sunday afternoon.

We were on the inner-loop of the Washington Beltway yesterday. heading northeast to Annapolis.

On the other side of the road, we noticed a couple of cars & trucks with Trump flags and banners.

We couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t really just a couple of cars & trucks.

The caravan was miles long.

For those familiar with the DC Beltway, the caravan ran almost the entire distance from I-270 to Route 50 (the expressway to Annapolis).

The Caravan was unlike anything I’d ever witnessed — save for the Macy’s T-Day Parade.

Yes, pick-ups made up the majority of the caravan … but, there were plenty of high-end SUVs, too.

And, for the record, the caravan appeared to be moving at the speed limit and traffic on that side was flowing nicely by Beltway standards.

We didn’t see any firearms being brandished … and nobody was chucking projectiles at innocent people, places or things.

Just driving and waving out of their windows and sky-roofs.

For Trump supporters, it was reassuring to see “shy” Trump supporters come out-of-the closet in the solid-blue DC-Maryland area.

For Biden supporters, there must be solace that none of the caravan’s votes will matter since DC, MD and VA are a lock for Biden.

BTW: On our side of the road, we only spotted one Biden-Harris bumper sticker.

It was on a car parked on the side of the road with its hood up.

An omen?

3 Responses to “Yesterday’s “Trump Caravan” in DC…”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Breaking News Trump can win Va.docx (19.3 KB)

    Target Smart, a Democrat-leaning election data firm, has reported its analysis of early voters — and its projection of who will vote on Election Day. It has concluded:
    President Trump can win Virginia.
    Target Smart provides the following data for Virginia:
    Early Voting through 10/30/2020: 2,292,289+ ballots cast
    DEM 1,109,287 (48.4%) REP 872,623 (38.1%) Other 310,379 (13.5%)
    Of estimated total turnout in Virginia, based on past performance, 53% have already voted, leaving 46% to vote on Election Day with 1% no opinion.
    Voters left to vote on Election Day: REP 55% DEM 30% IND 15%
    Election Day Voters Preference: Trump 59% Biden 35% Jorgensen 4% (Libertarian).
    In short, Target Smart concludes that President Trump is looking at a four-point lead in Virginia IF he gets a solid Republican turnout.
    A nationwide analysis of CBS polling showing that President Trump has a 30 point advantage over Biden among Election Day voters, enough for 279 electoral votes, nine votes more than needed to win the Electoral Vote.

  2. howard roark Says:

    To be fair trucks are the number one selling automobile in America many times over…they should not take too much solace i believe Virginia will be going purple again.

  3. Carolyn Leetch Says:

    Don’t think MD, Va and DC are a 🔒 for Sleepy Joe

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