ANTIFA: I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Yesterday, I was browsing the web to debrief on the debate … and learn more about ANTIFA.

An article suggested that readers go to the web site

So, I did:


The results were eye-popping…


The article said: “If you go to, it redirects you to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign website.

Since I’m a (dis)trust & verify kinda guy, I had to try it myself.

Sure enough … this is what popped up … an automatic redirection to


How can this be?

Obviously, somebody owns the domain name

A domain name’s owner can redirect traffic to any site that it wants.

So, who has registered the domain name?

The most innocent explanation is that some dirty-trickster bought the domain name and is redirecting web traffic to stir up controversary on Joe Biden.

Another possible explanation is that an ANTIFA operative owns the domain name and is trying to do Joe Biden a favor … without Biden’s knowledge or consent.

The least innocent explanation is that ANTIFA operatives and the Biden campaign are in cahoots … which would partially explain why Biden is unwilling to explicitly condemn ANTIFA.


P.S. I expect that this link will be broken some time soon — when the right-leaning press catches wind of the connection and spreads the news.

For the record, I did my test at 5:06 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1.

P.P.S.  I stumbled on this when I clicked on an article titled: “CHRIS WALLACE, AMERICAN MEDIA FIDDLE DURING DEBATE AS BLM, ANTIFA BURN OUR COUNTRY”.

The article was writtten by Jason Whitlock — a right-leaning African-American sports writer — and was posted on sports site Outkick.

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