Nuts: Georgia wimps out on its vote check.

This is very disappointing news…

Last week, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger broke news that he was ordering a hand recount and audit of the state’s election results.

That sounded like very good news … setting a reasonable expectation that illegitimate mail-in ballots would be tossed … and, that Dominion computer counts would be cross-checked.

But, hopes of a rigorous vote-check have all but vanished.

First, Georgia has adopted, more or less, the Philly model of process observation.

An “unlimited” number of observers are allowed, provided that they stay behind a crime-scene tape that separates them from the action.


Each party is allowed a handful of observers on-the-floor close to the action … 1 party observer for every 10 counting tables.

The GOP petition for 1 observer for each counting table was dismissed.

So much for meaningful observation.


Most disappointing (but not surprising), the vote-check process does not include verifying the legitimacy of ballots.

Specifically, there is no attempt — feeble as it might be — to match signatures.

Why not?

Too time-consuming, too disputable … and, oh yeah, ballots are not signed or ID’ed — ballot envelopes are — and they’ve been irretrievably separated from ballots

Note: Verifying the legitimacy of ballots is a problem far beyond Georgia’s borders.  We’ll dive deeper is subsequent posts.


So, what are we left with?

At least Georgia is doing a hand-count of all ballots and a manual tallying of results.

So, if the infamous Dominion voting machines have, in fact, systematically plussed-up votes for the Big Man (aka. Joe Biden), that should be caught during the recount.

If it is, watch all hell break loose.


P.S. Also disappointing: Only the Presidential results are being checked … not the Purdue – Ossoff senatorial election.

That’s too bad, since Perdue was so close to avoiding a run-off election.

Perhaps, if the presidential results are statistically significant, Perdue will get a hand recount, too.

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