Face it: It’s really Trump vs. Kamala … not Joe.

And, the likely consequences are downright frightening.

Let’s start with a sad personal story.

My mother had Alzheimer’s for most of the last two decades of her life.  It’s a devastating disease that I’d never wish on anyone (or their families).

I distinctly remember the early-on visit to a neurologist when we suspected that she might be experiencing more than senior moments.

One of his diagnostic questions to her was “Who is the president of the United States?”

My mom admitted that she wasn’t sure and answered: “It’s either Roosevelt or Kennedy.”

Since it was the mid-1980s, the correct answer would have been: “Ronald Reagan”.

With that image indelibly planted in my brain, Joe Biden’s latest gaffe stuck a chord with me.

It wasn’t funny … it was sad … and very serious.

During a basement drop-in for his “I Will Vote” virtual concert, Biden asked:

“What kind of a country are we going to be with 4 more years of George, uh, George…”

Joe-s wife-handler can be seen mouthing under-her-breath: “Trump, Trump, Trump”

And Biden continued: “… what kind of world we will be in if Trump gets re-elected.”

click to view the 12-second video.


So, what makes this incident so serious?


This isn’t a normal “Joe being Joe” gaffe.

On a personal level…

Again, it’s a diagnostic test question that neurologists ask to test for dementia.

I’m stunned that Biden’s family would subject him to this abuse.

On a political level…

A week or two ago, Pelosi called for a Congressional led commission to determine when the 25th amendment would be enforced.

She made clear that her move was good government reform proposal “for the future”,  that is “not about President Trump” … whom she said will “face the judgment of the voters.” Source

If not targeting Trump, who and what does she have in mind?

Perhaps, ditching Joe to make way for Kamala Harris

Non-partisan GovTrack has rated Kamala as “the most liberal senator” … who supports the Green New Deal, Medicare for All. demise of the oil & gas industry, etc. Source


Isn’t that far-fetched, is it?

2 Responses to “Face it: It’s really Trump vs. Kamala … not Joe.”

  1. Deepak Gupta Says:

    It is said that we are taking such a myopic view. The trigger for review was when Trump was in critical condition, admitted in hospital and it could happen to anyone while in office. We have two septuagenarians running for the president. Prof. Homa, lets try to keep good governance policies separate than viewing from Joe vs Trump election. This is what is sickening with the country.

  2. Deepak Gupta Says:

    “It is Sad” … mistyped as ” It is Said” in the above entry

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