First, it was “mostly peaceful protests”…

Now, it’s “no widespread voter fraud” or “no systematic fraud”

Like roughly 73 million other Americans, I thought it was surreal this summer when the MSM and left-leaning pundits, coined the phrase “mostly peaceful protests” … and then oft-repeated it to establish the faux-truth among a gullible constituency.


Literally billions of dollars of destruction, businesses burned to the ground, stores looted and people intimidated when walking the streets or dining at restaurants.

IMHO, that’s hardly “peaceful”.

Practically speaking, “peaceful” is a binary variable, not a matter of degree. Especially for those innocent people who lost their businesses, had their neighborhoods burned to a crisp or got roughed up.

My view: “mostly peaceful” is a frightening measure of civil conduct.

Right up there with “the end justifies the means”.


Now, we’ve got a new low bar for civil behavior: “no widespread voter fraud” … or its close cousin: “no systematic voting fraud”.


First, I stipulate that the vast majority — bordering on all — of Americans are fundamentally honest people in their everyday life, including their voting practices.

That said, what the past 2 presidential elections have made obvious is that — in a 50-50 country — small differences can  tilt elections .

So, “widespread” is too low of a behavioral hurdle … — especially when a few bad actors can “scale up” and target fraudulent voting.

A “mere” 100,000 or so fraudulent votes in the right places at the right time can make the difference in who becomes president.

Similarly, “systematic” doesn’t have be vote-counting machines that mis-assign or mis-tabulate votes … though there are anecdotes of that happening in this year’s election.

“Systematic” can be as simple as election officials looking the other way or distancing observers when votes are being counted.

Or, “systematic” can be overall voting processes that create what the nuns like to call “occasions to sin” … tempting opportunities for bad behavior.

In subsequent posts, we’ll dive into some occasions to sin, arguing that voter registration rolls are a mess … and, mail-in ballot verification is a sham.


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