Huntergate won’t change any voters minds…

… but it may swing the election.

Here’s my take:

1. Biden made an unforced campaign error by  trading on his son Beau’s memory when he tried to tag Trump with being insulting to the military.  That move opened the door to dragging son Hunter into the conversation. Family members became fair game.

2. For sure, Biden is guilty of allowing his VP influence to be compromised (by Hunter) … and probably profited from the deals personally.

3. Most (all?) voters assume that most (all?) elected officials trade on their positions and influence for personal gain.

4. So, few (no?) Biden voters will jump off his campaign train just because he’s revealed to be a typical political sleaze … especially since most voters think the transgressions — even those with China — are no harm, no foul … and, because Biden was “just trying to help his wayward son.”.


Huntergate has got to be weighing heavily on Joe’s already diminishing state of mind.


It’s hard to imagine that Biden is able to sleep or concentrate on things like the details of his tax policy or SCOTUS packing when he’s got Huntergate to worry about.

It’s totally understandable that Joe is being kept off the campaign trail … Huntergate has increased the odds of gaffes and meltdowns.

Tomorrow’s debate will be the ultimate test.

If Biden stays cool and reasonably lucid tomorrow, he’ll probably win the election.

But, if Trump is able to push Biden’s button — especially early in the debate — Joe may be doomed … not because of Hunter’s shenanigans, but because he’ll be revealed as mentally and physically unfit for office.

That could potentially swing some undecided votes.

It might dawn on undecideds that the choice on Nov. 3rd isn’t Trump vs. Biden … it’s Trump vs a 25th amendment elevated Kamala —  the most liberal senator who is about as unlikable as Trump.

We’ll see.

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