Election 2020: The power of love and hate…

Inner circle friends and relatives will attest that, for months, I didn’t think Trump would get re-elected.

Nothing to do with policies or performance …

My rationale: Hate is a much stronger emotion than love … and that Trump-haters would overwhelm Trump-lovers (and Trump-tolerators).

That dynamic seems to have played out …

All surveys that I’ve seen indicate that a majority of Biden voters admit that their vote was primarily anti-Trump, not pro-Biden … and, the vast  majority of Trump voters were pro-Trump and indifferent to Biden.


Apparently, I’m not the only person who has been thinking along these lines.

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer and, these days,  cultural / political podcaster known for strong, sometimes controversial points-of-view.

In a recent podcast, Whitlock opined:

The 2020 election shows the power of love versus the power of hate.

click for video and transcript

More specifically …


Regarding his love-hate point, Whitlock says:

I’m not talking about Donald Trump and Joe Biden specifically, they’re not the parable of love versus hate.

I’m talking about their supporters.

Donald Trump’s support is coming from people who love Donald Trump, who unconditionally love Donald Trump.

They will risk their reputations to be accused of being racist and sexist.

They will risk their safety in terms of being attacked by Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

They love Donald Trump.

Biden supporters hate Donald Trump.

That is their energy source.

The election has nothing to do with Joe Biden.

This is about taking hate and turning it into something that is a winning formula.

Is hate a more powerful motivation for his base of supporters?

Can we rally enough hate of the opponent to win an election?

Good question, Jason.

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