"I’ve done more in 47 months — than you’ve done in 47 years."

That’s my summary of last night’s bleep-show.

The debate was a discouraging spectacle.

Geez, a New York bully against a malleable has-been politico.

Trump interrupted … Biden name-called and brayed like a jackass.

Out of 330 million, can’t we do better than this?


Here’s my morning after mind-dump on what I saw last night…


> SCOTUS Trump justified ACB’s nomination by  turning the words of Obama (“elections have consequences”) and RGB (“presidents are elected for 4 full years, not 3”) to his advantage.  Case closed.

> COVID Biden pins all COVID deaths on Trump apparently because he didn’t yell “fire” when Fauci, et. al., were telling him that the risk was miniscule … and, for not telling everyone to wear masks when the WHO, CDC, Surgeon General and Fauci were saying that masks shouldn’t be worn. Nonetheless, Biden wins on COVID.

> Green New Deal Biden says he’s the leader of the Democratic Party, so don’t worry about him caving to the far-left. He is either for the Green New Deal or against it.  Say, what?

> ANTIFA Biden says that ANTIFA is an idea not an organization or a movement.  Trump says “Tell somebody who gets hit over the head with a baseball bat that it’s just an idea”

> Law & Order Biden says that he’s “for law & order” when it’s “fairly applied”.  Trump counters: “Name one law enforcement person or organization that supports you”

> Track records Trump:”I’ve done more in 47 months — than you’ve done in 47 years.”


Loyal readers know that I value performance over  rhetoric and style, so I heavily weight the “47” point.

I’d rather have Trump running the economy, facing off against Putin, Xi, et. al., keeping our cities from getting burned down.

And, I give him big credit for the China travel ban and Operation Warp Speed … when the history is written, I predict those will be the 2 pivotal initiatives in the COVID battle.

That said, I still think that out of 330 million, we should be able to do better.

But, elections are a choice, right?


P.S. I thought that Chris Wallace did a terrible job.  His questions were over-thought, opinion-embedded and “too cute by half”.  When it was apparent that the format wasn’t working, he should have ditched his game plan (“have to get through 6 topics”) , stepped back and let the candidates rumble.  That, at least would have been more entertaining … and, maybe more informative.


P.P.S. The debate that I’d like to see is Biden against Kayleigh McEnany

One Response to “"I’ve done more in 47 months — than you’ve done in 47 years."”

  1. Dixie C Says:

    For me, there was an important omission in your summary. You focused on Antifa, ignoring white supremacists, which the national security agencies have identified as truly a concern. When asked about whether he believes there is systemic racism in our country, to me, it is very telling that the President pivoted to violence and policing instead of answering the question.

    Then when directly and plainly asked, the president of the United States refused to condemn white supremacists. Wow, I thought this was mostly behind us as a nation. Like Chris Stapleton said in a recent interview, I learned this year that the country I thought I lived in was a myth. Racism is alive and raging in our nation today, coming out of the shadows because we have a national leader who openly values white supremacists as supporters. That was confirmed last night by his refusal to condemn white supremacy, and by adoption of his carefully-worded message to the Proud Boys, specifically, right into the Proud Boyrs logo. They loved it!

    Our President often retweets white supremacists’ posts and spreads their FB posts from his more widely-followed accounts as our nation’s leader, then when called out on it says he only saw the pictures, but didn’t actually read the attached articles. So, we’re left to wonder whether his actions really are dog whistle messages to these supporters or he is just not careful about knee-jerk reposting. Well, last night clarified any confusion about whether he understands the position he has taken and spreads. I’m appalled.

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