Regardless of the outcome…

Half of the country will consider the winner to be illegitimate

What a mess…

If Biden wins, Trump supporters will point to fraudulent mail voting and counting shenanigans happening behind closed doors in Democratic “machine” cities & states … Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee and Nevada.

If Trump prevails, it will undoubtedly be because of favorable court rulings on fraudulent mail votes, obstructed poll watchers and violation of state election laws (in Pennsylvania).  

Dems will claim unjustified intervention by the courts … and judicial bias.


Odds are that Biden will ultimately prevail.

If so, the good news is that it’ll be less likely that cities will get burned and looted.

The bad news (for Biden) is that half of the country will think that it got cheated …


3 Responses to “Regardless of the outcome…”

  1. TMK Says:

    Nobody was going to burn or loot the cities. Stop the fearmongering. Coronavirus doesn’t scare Trump supporters, only the fantasy of rampaging black people. We took care of Trump at the ballot box with the assist of educated white women, minorities and the US Postal Service

    • BAE Says:

      People have been burning and looting all summer. It was not black people rampaging in Portland or Seattle, it was woke white people. Whether or not your favorite news outlet reports it, does not mean it did not happen. The left has a tendency to burn and loot buildings when they don’t get their way. The right is full of problems, but looting is not one of them. Law abiding citizens (black, white, and every other color) should all be worried about civil unrest, regardless of the reason.

      But I will tell you what did not happen: the heavily propagandized “blue wave.” If Trump loses, he loses, he is just one man and it is only four years. Trump supporters are not going away. The country did not repudiate him. There is no blue wave. The point of the post is that whoever wins must govern a heavily divided country. You cannot solve it by invalidating the opinion of half the country by saying, “we won.” Obama found this out in 2010, and Trump might have found this out in 2020.

    • JCR Says:

      The market sure thought there was a potential for looting and burning since many urban areas boarded up their shops and windows. It does look like Biden will win but I would be a bit more humble in victory as the margins and turnout show that many people do not agree with you and that by claiming some sort of moral victory you are at odds with almost 50% of the nation.

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