America’s Got Talent … and the Debt Crisis

AGT has  passed CSI to become my favorite TV show – at least, for now.

Watching last night, I was struck by two ironic commonalities between AGT and the President’s speech on Monday night.

First, the headline act was a guy named Professor Splash who belly-flopped 36 feet into a kiddie pool filled with 12 inches of water.

Great metaphor for solving the debt crisis, right?

Second, the winners are, of course, decided by folks phoning and emailing to vote for their favorites.

After performances, acts would wave the number of fingers that corresponded to their act’s ID number.

If only, the President had waved and shouted “ … and press the number 1 if you want balance and compromise” when he implored people to call and write to members of Congress.


* * * * *

P.S. Since you asked: My current favorite acts are Silhouettes – a choreographed group of kids that dance into amazing formations behind a screen to create artistic silhouettes …. and Prof. Splash – partly because I love the name.

I learned years ago that anybody can just start calling themselves “professor” and write a blog.

If this dude gets up to, say, 50 feet for his belly-dives, he deserves the $1 million.  And, if he dies trying, his widow should get the money …

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