Great moments in marketing … or, not !

When marketing and politics collide …

* * * * *
tweet, Tweet, TWEET … please !

Widely reported:

On Friday, with time running out,  President Barack Obama urged Americans  to “tweet” their members of Congress to seek a compromise on a debt ceiling deal.

The President first begged for tweets in his primetime address to the nation last week.  I thought enough people ridiculed the plea that he’d shelve it.  Not so.

Maybe I’m old-school, but I think stirring up tweets is  un-presidential – and diminishes the office,

What next? The too cool President calling for a flash mob on the Capitol Hill steps?

* * * * *
Drill baby, drill

I’m a big fan of analytics and data-driven marketing, but …

The WSJ’s Peggy Noonan reported a hiring notice from the Obama 2012 campaign.:

The “Analytics Department” is looking for predictive Modeling/Data Mining specialists to join the campaign’s multi-disciplinary team of statisticians, which will use predictive modeling to anticipate the behavior of the electorate.

We will analyze millions of interactions a day, learning from terabytes of historical data, running thousands of experiments, to inform campaign strategy and critical decisions.

Noonan’s observation: It reads like politics as done by Martians.

* * * * *

My brand’s been hijacked !

Bumper sticker that’s popping up …. combines tweeting and brand image …  probably not sanctioned by the Obama campaign.


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