Re: “Uncertainty” … the Donkey in the living room.

I’m officially tired of the White House spinners.

Rather than admitting what everybody else already knows – that Obama wanted the debt deal to run until 2013 so it wouldn’t get raised again until the election – they continue to say that the debt ceiling had to be raised to reduce uncertainty for businesses … and extended  to  2013 to – you guessed it – reduce uncertainty and get businesses back to hiring.

The reality – based on my casual chats with biz execs – is that the only uncertainty that matters to them is whether Obama gets reelected or not.

If he does, then they’ll have certainty … certainty that ObamaCare and anti-business rhetoric and policies will be in place for an additional 4 years … dragging any hope of a real recovery out to 2016.

If he doesn’t get re-elected, hiring can start again in 2013.

But, nobody wants to talk about the donkey in the middle of the living room, for fear that they get the tanning salon treatment from the Administration.

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