Ford ads a new benefit: buying from a company that stands on its own.

Punch lineFord hit the airwaves with a potentially controversial ad touting the fact that it’s an American company that stands on its own … unlike its bailed out competitors.

I like it …

Excerpted from US News: Ford TV Ad Slams Obama Auto Bailouts article & video

America is still fighting over President Obama’s costly bailout of Chrysler and General Motors. Especially the owners of Ford, the only member of Detroit’s “Big Three” who rejected the government dole and emerged perfectly healthy.

In its most political ad in the so-called “Drive One” ads where real drivers are thrust before cameras to explain why they picked Ford, a real Ford F-150 pick-up driver is featured.

His name is Chris. After he sits down the “reporters” bark “Chris, Chris.” One asks him to explain why “was buying American important to you.”

Sitting and looking sincere and serious, Chris says:

I wasn’t going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government.

I was going to buy from a manufacturer that’s standing on their own: win, lose, or draw.

That’s what America is about is taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail that you gotta’ pick yourself up and go back to work.

Ford is that company for me.”

Now, let’s see if Chris the Ford buyer gets tax audited like Joe the Plumber …

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