Accessing Homa Notes thru the Homa Files …

As many MSB MBA alums know, the Homa Notes summarize many of the concepts, frameworks and analytical methods that are the foundation of my courses.

For the convenience of MSB students, alums, and friends of the school, the Homa Notes are accessible via the Homa Files blog.

The notes are password protected.

For the password, email Prof. Homa

Here is the current set of notes:

01 HomaNote – Marketing Overview

02 HomaNote – Product Fundamentals

03 HomaNote – Pricing Fundamentals

04 HomaNote – Place (Distribution)

05 HomaNote – Promotion & Advertising Fundamentals

06 HomaNote – Marketing Performance

Warning: While the Homa Notes are relatively comprehensive, they are incomplete without Prof. Homa’s accompanying oral elaboration.

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