Romney-Rice in 2012 ?

My bet is that it’ll be Romney-Rubio, but, there’s an interesting piece in the Washington Times that positions Condi Rice for the VP slot.

The essence of the logic:

  1. Hillary will replace Biden as Obama’s running mate to give Obama an uplift and position her for 2016.The Times says insiders claim “the swap” is what induced her to join the Obama team as Secretary of State.
  2. Having Rice on the GOP ticket would change the dynamics of the race since she’s smart, a good debater and, oh yes, an African-American woman.
  3. Rice is reportedly antsy in her current professorial position and wants to get back in the action.

Interesting … but my money is still on Romnet-Rubio … GOP needs some charisma, and Rubio has it.

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One Response to “Romney-Rice in 2012 ?”

  1. tags Says:

    Poor Joe…he was so much more influential in the Senate. At least there his verbal flubs were drowned out by his peers’ equally stupid remarks. As the VP he cannot escape the spotlight. My favorite idea of his was to simply divide Iraq into three countries to end the war. Ah…yes…well of course that would work Joe. Geopolitics is always so simple. The British made it looks so easy when the created the nation last century. It’s not as if the oil fields in the south would have encouraged the other two new nations to invade in order to secure their share of the wealth.

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