Facebook’s 99 percent … they don’t interact.

Punch line: Ehrenberg-Bass Institute reports that only 1% of a brand’s Facebook fans actually engage with it – including likes, posts, comments, tags, and shares.

Is the FB effect over-rated or do consumers simply need more time to change their behavior?

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Excerpted from businessinsider.com, “Only 1% Of A Brand’s Facebook Fans Actually Engage With It Online


… If 1 percent engagement sounds way too small to make Facebook brand pages worthwhile, Karen Nelson-Feld, a senior research associate for Ehrenberg-Bass, reminds us that brand pages are still relatively young.

“People need to understand what it can do for a brand and what it can’t do,” she said. “Facebook doesn’t really differ from mass media. It’s great to get decent reach, but to change the way people interact with a brand overnight is just unrealistic.”

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