Buffett: Giving to the Gates Foundation because it’s run more efficiently than the gov’t … no (bleep), Warren.

Interesting interview with Warren Buffett on CNBC last week.

The dialogue that caught my attention had to do, of course, with Buffett’s whining that his taxes are too low … paired with the hypocrisy that he’s sheltering his estate from taxes by dishing his end-of-life dough to the Gates Foundation.

CNBC’s Joe Kiernan observed to Buffett:

I’ve gotten you to admit in the past that one of the reasons you think the Gates Foundation will do a lot better with your 50 or 60 billion is because charities have a better — a much better reputation for watching how money is spend and for doing more good.

Buffetts retort:

Anytime an organization is as big as the US government or any other government, they are not going to be as efficient, obviously, as smaller organizations.

Kiernan followed up:

So with all that in mind, can you at least see how someone might, on an intellectual basis, be opposed to just giving a blank check to such a profligate entity?

Buffett’s answer:

On the other hand, we have successfully defended the country, we’ve built the greatest industrial machine the world’s ever seen, we’ve built the richest population the world’s ever seen.

The truth is, we can have a country that works wonderfully with 19 percent or so of revenues going to Washington and spending 21 percent.

Say, what?

Kiernan politely went in for the kill:

If the government was a business and Berkshire was looking at it, there’s no way Berkshire would even take a 1 percent stake in the government with their track record of investments. Right?

All Buffett could do was stammer …

Full transcript

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