Book cookin’ alert …

The BLS reports May’s unemployment number at 8:30 this morning.

If the headline is “Unemployment rate clicks down to 8%” … I’ll scream.

You may remember that job growth was anemic last month (under 125,000), but the unemployment rate dipped to 8.1% as more than 350,000 quit looking for jobs.

In advance of today’s BLS report …

The Commerce Dept revised down its Q1 GDP estimate to 1.9% … … its original report a month ago was an increase of 2.2%.

ADP reported 133,000 new jobs … after revising its prior month estimate down by 6,000.

Gallup’s mid-May unemployment rate rate hovered around 8.2%.

And, unemployment claims for last week increased by 10,000 … after revising the prior week’s claims up (of course).


My bet: miraculously, the unemployment rate will stay constant at 8.1% … though every other piece of data says it it should bump up.

We’ll see.

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