Disrupting the shave category (and no, Gillette didn’t introduce 6 blades…)

Punch line: Dollar Shave Club is to shaving what Netflix is to renting movies.  A disruptive business model and innovative launch in the digital space have made Dollar Shave Club a threat to the big wig razor brands who are still calling an additional blade innovation (see the Flashback link below for a view on blades’ innovation)

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Excerpted from channelnomics.com’s, “Shaving and the Power of Viral Marketing”

… Dollar Shave Club, a disruptive idea … turns the expensive and drab process of buying men’s razors into a Netflix’s-like business model. For a set low-price per month, DSC sends members new high quality razors.

What makes Dollar Shave Club so unique is how it was launched. In March, DSC posted a video written by and starring  company founder Mike Dublin. In going after personal hygiene giants like Gillette and Schick, Dublin had to get people’s attention out of the gate. His opening line – and every line thereafter – captured attention and have racked up 5 million views.

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imageAfter the video went viral, Dublin was featured in scores of mainstream news and business reports. So great was demand that DSC had to delay adding new members for weeks while it increased support capacity … This a great example of excellent marketing that came at a low cost and high returns.

Solution providers often see marketing as an expensive proposition only big vendors can afford. Even when they do engage in marketing, the products are rather stiff and unimaginative, which leads to unfulfilled expectations. 

Other examples of companies who have taken advantage of viral marketing: Microsoft’s “Smoked by Window’s Phone” and CalNet’s Wally Cleaver videos.  So before you dismiss the notion of marketing – viral, video or otherwise – think about what Dollar Shave Club, Microsoft and CalNet did. A little creativity can go a long way.

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Flashback: Onion.com “We’re Going to 5 Blades”

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