Hmmm … some interesting polling results.

The most recent CNN/ORC Poll results caught my eye.

Specifically, the demographic breakdown of President Obama’s job approval – disapproval.

Overall, CNN says that 51% approve of the job Obama is doing; 47% disapprove.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

90%  of Dems approve; 85% of GOPers dis-approve

75% of non-whites approve; 58% of white dis-approve.

62% of urbanites approve; 55% of rurals dis-approve.

57% of folks under 50 years old approve;  55% of the over 50s dis-approve.

55% of folks making less than $50k approve;  50% of those making more than $50k dis-approve.

54% in non-battleground states approve; in battleground state, 52% dis-approve

44% of independents approve; 53% disapprove

So, the Obama composite: young non-white urbanites making less than $50k.

The dis-approvers: older non-urban whites making more than $50K.

Hmmm …

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