Back to the Clinton years? … Dems: Be careful what you wish for.

Lots of articles have been written about how the the bottom 50% pays no Federal income taxes and the very top tiers pay vast shares.

The usual cry from the Dems: what about payroll taxes?

Then, they holler: go back to the rates in effect during the glorious Clinton years.

Well, the Independent Review pulled together Federal tax burdens back to 1980 … including payroll taxes

The key findings:

Since 1980, the bottom 40%’s share of total Federal taxes has almost halved … from about 9% to to 5%.

The top 10%’s share has grown about 15% … from 40% to almost 55%.

Most of the top 10%’s share  increase has landed where?

You guessed it … among the evil 1-percenters.


If we could only get the wealthy to pay their fair share, we’d be out of this fiscal mess, right?


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