Now, you’re talking … firm to score debate with a real BS detector.

This is too good to be true: “Obama and Romney to face real lie detector test during debate.”


According to the Daily Caller:

When Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off for the first time at tonight’s presidential debate in Denver, they’ll also be taking a lie detector test.

A spokesman for the group Americans for Limited Government announced that thee group has contracted with a company to use new truth detecting technology to determine whether either candidate is lying during the debate.

“For the first time, within a few hours of a political debate, the American people will know if the candidates are telling the truth, and better be able to judge what promises are real, and which ones are nothing more than political pandering.”

The group says they hope to release the results from Voice Analysis Technology within three hours of the debate.

Voice Analysis Technology  has done work for high-profile criminal cases … and have done interrogations for the Department of Defense, Bureau of Prisons, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and 60 other law enforcement agencies.

If only the process were in real time with a BS meter on the screen …

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