Is nothing sacred? … Time Inc.’s Twitter background is, well, an ad.

Punch line: As part of its progressive digital ad unit, Time Inc. has — for the first time  — leased the wallpaper of one its twitter properties as ad space.

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Excerpted from Ad Age, “Time Inc. Magazine Finds Another Next-Gen Ad Opportunity: Its Twitter Wallpaper”

People Style Watch Twitter Page

Time Inc. recently built a new digital ad unit as part of its effort to deliver “the next generation of advertising solutions,” but one of the publisher’s titles seems to have found some ad inventory just waiting for the taking: the wallpaper on its Twitter profile page.

People StyleWatch, the fashion and shopping spinoff of People magazine, this week turned the background of its Twitter page into an ad for Jergens Daily Moisture. Media brands on Twitter typically use that area to promote themselves or nothing at all.

Twitter said its users are free to turn their profile pages into ad venues.

“The space is the user’s to customize, and we encourage them to be clear if they are promoting something there, for money or other consideration,” a spokesman said in an email.

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