Even in the era of Moneyball politics, pundits still have a place

Punch Line: While political “Sabermetrics” has its value, people still want to indulge their biases and opinions. This ensures that pundits are in no danger of losing their jobs anytime soon.

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Excerpted from Forbes’, “Political Junk Food: Why Pundits Will Survive the Moneyball Election”

Moneyball politics

This year’s election already seems to have a name, and that’s the Moneyball election.

While this is true … I don’t agree with the growing notion that this election could mark the beginning of the end for professional political pundit.

Think about it: it’s well-known that people of all political leanings tend to seek out information that reinforces their pre-existing beliefs.

Fox News, MSNBC, Drudge and The Daily Show all know this to their very core, and while some of us try to sustain ourselves on a respectable media diet full of journalistic fiber … only the most disciplined of us doesn’t periodically want to throw in a helping of a political Twinkie.

Just as ten years after the Moneyball revolution all baseball organizations still employ scouts, ten years from now news networks will still have plenty of talking heads.

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