A pink car that prevents women’s wrinkles … really?

Punch line: Honda releases a new car targeted at Japanese women, boasting features that will prevent wrinkles.

* * * * *
Excerpted from psfk.com’s, “Honda’s Car For Women Prevents Wrinkles”

Honda released a new model designed especially for women, the Honda Fit ‘She’s.’

Available only in Japan, the make targets the nearly 50% of Japanese women who have decided to stay out of the work force.

The car sports a pink exterior, pink stitching on the interior, and shiny pink chrome covers on the dashboard. They have even put a heart in place of the apostrophe in “She’s” to bring the point home.


The first “designed for women” automobile since 1955′s Dodge  La Femme goes beyond a superficial color treatment.

With a new type of windshield said to block up to 99% of UV rays, women can drive to the grocery store confident that they are not increasing their chances of wrinkles.

With the model’s “Plasmacluster” AC system, women can pick up their children knowing that the specially-treated air is improving their skin quality as they drive.

Whether the claims are substantiated or not, the model will be sure to provoke conversation around the age-old question, “What do women want?” and open more than one can of worms for the Japanese automaker.

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