Ouch: America’s disability epidemic.

According to the Social Security Administration, the number of (former) workers collecting disability benefits hit a record 8,827,795 in December.

I’ll stipulate that the vast majority of the 8.8 million are honest folks who really can’t work because they’re disabled … and, I realize that an aging work force has a higher propensity for disablement.

But c’mon, man … this is starting to smell pretty fishy..


The Feds are dishing out over $135 billion annually in disability payments.

How much of the $135 billion do you imagine is going to the folks that Dateline keeps exposing as frauds?

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Here are some more interesting Social Security factoids …

According tho CNS News :

  • The total number of Social Security program beneficiaries — including retired workers, dependent family members and survivors and disabled workers and their dependent family members — has increased to 56,758,185.
  • In 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was an average of only 94.750 million full-time private sector workers in the country.
  • That means that for every 1.67 Americans who worked full-time in the private sector in 2011, there is now 1 person collecting benefits from the Social Security administration.

Let’s play kick the can down the road, right?

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One Response to “Ouch: America’s disability epidemic.”

  1. Deepak Says:

    this is just the start.. the problem might even become worse going forward!

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