Oink: Porking deficit reduction … say,what?

Nice recap  in the WSJ today outing the pork that was sausaged into the deficit-adding Fiscal Cliff Bill:


Here’s a sampling:

  • Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow was able to retain an accelerated tax write-off for owners of Nascar tracks (cost: $78 million
  • New Mexico’s Jeff Bingaman saved a tax credit for companies operating in American Samoa ($62 million), including a StarKist factory.
  • Distillers are able to drink to a $222 million rum tax rebate.
  • Businesses located on Indian reservations will receive $222 million in accelerated depreciation.

The WSJ gave special recognition to Chris Dodd, the former Senator who lobbied for Hollywood’s movie studios … getting a provision that allows film and television producers to expense the first $15 million of production costs incurred in the United States … this Hollywood special will cost the Treasury $430 million in 2013 and 2014.

Consumers will get tax credits for buying plug-in motorcycles ($7 million).

Do the jabrones in Washington have no shame?

You can’t reduce the debt by adding to the deficit.

It’s that simple guys.

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