Gotcha: Now, even Southwest is charging for “luv”

I used to be a big Southwest fan.


I used to perversely enjoy watching the clock tick so I could get in the “A” boarding group by hitting the enter button exactly 24 hours before flight time.

Then the jabrones at SWA  took the fun out of the process by letting online slackers buy their way into the A group for 10 bucks … an “early bird” check-in.

Worse still, when my friends would flaunt their AMEX black cards, I’d charge everything to my SWA-Visa … earning a free flight for only a gazillion “flight legs”.

Then, the SWA  jabrones changed their credit card program … making it less lucrative and way more confusing.

When I complained, they told me to take my 13 years of loyal patronage and take a hike.

According to BusinessWeek, Southwest – you know, the “bags fly free” airline — told Wall Street about nickel & dime ala carte increases it’s planning.

For example, at its AirTran subsidiary, SWA will charge:

  • $5 more to check a first bag (now $25)
  • $10 more to check a second bag (now $35)
  • $50 more for overweight bags (now $100)

SWA also plans to impose a new  charge for people who don’t show up for their flights, and it will bump the  “early bird” check-in program check-in fee to $12.50.

The airlines was silent on whether it would try again to get fat people to pay for 2 seats.

Collectively, the new and higher “ancillary” fees are expected to boost Southwest’s revenue by $100 million in 2013.

Now, even SWA is charging “luv” … is nothing sacred any more?

2 Responses to “Gotcha: Now, even Southwest is charging for “luv””

  1. DaveM Says:

    European copycat Ryanair was at one time going to charge a fee for the use of the onboard toilets. Customer protests (including threats of urinating elsewhere) forced them to back off on that one!

  2. Da Cuzr Says:

    Hi Ken-I loved the comment- I Know how much of a SWA fan you have been over the past many years-and dissapointed that Loyalty from a truly SWA lover is now worthless-but– my favorite cousin– it looks like money talks and loyalty walks-but this airline has always had a “Cargo” mentality and it is just now showing up–Da Cuz

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